Android: Fake customer service on the phone wants to trick you into installing malware

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Cleafy IT security experts warn Android smartphone users: A Trojan horse named Brata It has just been spotted in Europe. This malware is designed to steal victims’ banking information. The malware had wreaked havoc in Brazil before reaching phones in Europe. It was then hidden in corrupted apps that bypassed Google Play Store’s security measures.

Brata malware, identified in Italy in June 2021, now spreads as follows: via fake SMS. It is claimed that these messages come from a reliable company such as a bank. “This SMS attempts to persuade the victim to download an anti-spam application with the promise that a banking sector operator will contact them soon.”explains Cleafy.

Be careful, Android Brata malware wants to steal your smartphone

Users are then directed to a page that mimics their bank’s interface. This fake website will ask victims to download an APK file that allegedly contains an anti-SPAM application. The file instead contains the Brata malware. Enabling internet users to install the application on their smartphones, Hackers will pretend to be bank’s customer service.

On the phone with the victim, hackers will do anything to ensure that the Brata virus is installed on the phone. They will offer help with installation, especially to trick the attention of the most gullible users. Once the malware is installed on the device and Android permissions are granted, Take full control of the device. As a reminder, permissions determine which applications can use certain features of the phone. We recommend giving these sparingly.

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Here then are the hackers behind Brata access to your bank information and a possible code via SMS transmitted under two-factor authorization. With this data, they can steal the contents of your bank account. We invite you to be wary of links received via SMS. If in doubt, feel free to contact your bank’s customer service to confirm the authenticity of the message.

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