Android 15 will prevent you from installing certain apps, here’s why

mobile operating system Android It offers its users great freedom of movement. When it comes to installing apps, everyone is free to choose from Play Store, Google’s official store, but also From the internet and alternative sources. A well-known feature that Apple was forced to adopt after the European DMA came into force at the beginning of March 2024. Although having so many options is practical, it is not without danger. In fact, it is much easier for a malicious person to do this.infect an application with malware Outside of Play Store.

Google knows this very well, and therefore the company takes measures to limit the damage as much as possible. Not all applications available on the secure web can be checked. Here is the solution:Prohibiting the installation of those developed for older versions of Android. Each new iteration adds new features aimed at strengthening the security of the system. This means that The older he is, the more vulnerable he is.. Under Android 14, your smartphone already prevents you from installing an app unless it was built for at least Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which was released in 2015. Android 15 will go even further.

Android 15 will block certain apps from installing, and there’s a reason for that

Journalist Mishaal Rahman testing the Android 15 Developer Preview 2 beta EXPLANATION It said that it could no longer install applications developed for Android 6.0. He then takes a closer look at the error message and notices the following: The application package must target at least SDK version 24. For simplicity: the app must be made for at least Android 7.0 Nougat After this. Otherwise, the system will prohibit you from completing the procedure. Even if you press the button Upload anyway Meanwhile in the warning window. Aim,Improve security for Android users.

It makes sense that Google regularly changes this requirement to force developers to support only the latest versions of Android. If we look at the latest figures from the site Statcounter, the share of smartphones running Android 7.0 represents: less than 1.50% of the total. So there’s almost no reason for an app creator to target an even older version.

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