5 best Android apps to display your smartphone screen on TV or PC

Depending on the needs, the solution will likely be different. If you only want to display the screen to another source, you can use an HDMI cable in some cases, but you can also do this with an app. However, the result may be random depending on what you want to do, let’s evaluate the situation.

local media

screen android tvThe vast majority of televisions marketed often benefit from local support. mirror your smartphone screen Android. Our smartphones can now transmit video and audio via Miracast or Chromecast as appropriate. In addition, it usually does not require the application to be downloaded, which turns out to be very easy to use, a real breeze. Also, the option appears in notification panel options most of the time, what more could you ask for?

google home

screen android google homeIt’s the search giant’s in-house app that lets you stream audio and video to Chromecasts or other Google devices. If you wish, you can view your smartphone screen on a TV screen equipped with Chromecast. However, another more efficient way is to view or listen to streams from applications such as: Netflix, Spotify And many others. Mountain View has a wide choice on the Play Store in this regard.

Manufacturer solutions

We also have manufacturers that offer solutions specific to their brands. Samsung Smart View or LG TV Plus. These apps allow streaming TV content and other things specific to different TVs marketed by the two Koreans, especially from the smartphone. However, this is just an example, other manufacturers naturally offer their own solutions via the Play Store.


The solution is formed as follows, a extension in google chrome and the app available in the Play Store. You can enjoy your smartphone directly through your web browser. Copying your smartphone’s screen using the app is child’s play again. However, you will have to go through your smartphone’s USB cable to be able to use it.

airplane robot

The application allows you to control your smartphone very simply and remotely, with a very clear and easy to use interface. The AirMirror function available in the app allows you to view your smartphone screen with great simplicity. would be root or not no problem.

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Small bonus: HDMI output

usb c hdmiThe most efficient, fastest, and probably easiest way to mirror your screen is to use an HDMI cable. However, it is worth noting that not all smartphones currently on the market have such support over the USB Type-C port. Although most of the devices marketed Samsung or LG take advantage of this compatibility. A simple search will determine if your device has this feature. The only limitation is using cables, we don’t have the advantages of wireless with this solution.


You can transfer the image and sound from your smartphone to another source, television, computer, etc. There are many ways to transfer. Professional or not, everything will mainly depend on your needs. We also discussed solutions for users who want to do the opposite, to control the computer remotely. Are you using a solution to duplicate your smartphone’s screen? Feel free to talk about it in the comments and tell us what you use.

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