17 Best Galaxy Note 7 Cases

Samsung’s impressive Galaxy Note 7 suffered a minor setback with the recall due to battery malfunctioning in certain units, but it’s still one of the best phones released in 2016. Protect your fancy phone and beautiful curved screen. Check out our list of great options below.

There are dozens of case makers, but only a few are worth considering. Below, we’ve rounded up a list of what we consider some of the best Galaxy Note 7 cases from top brands we know, trust, and have used on countless other Samsung phones. We’ve got everything from slim cases, serious protection, wallets, kickstands, cheap TPU, real wood cases and more.

As we saw with the Galaxy S7 earlier this year, Samsung itself has produced a ton of excellent cases for the Galaxy Note 7. These are some good options, but there are countless cheaper alternatives, which we’ll detail below. These are just as good or better, and all are worthy of consideration.

Samsung’s Official S-View Flip Kickstand Case

Buyers will want to buy a micro SD card, extra USB Type-C cables, battery packs, and then look for the perfect bag they can slip into instantly to protect their investment. Cases for the Galaxy Note 7 are also essential, as you’ll want to protect that beautifully curved 5.7-inch screen. Your best bet for now is the cases on Amazon or from Speck, Spigen, UAG, Incipio, VRS Design, and other trusted brands. We’ll be adding other major brands as they become available.

The Galaxy Note 7 has a similar design to last year’s Note 5, but is thinner, lighter, sleeker and better in every way. Not to mention the curved screen. This is a big thing. The camera bump is gone and the design is better, so cases for the Note 5 do not fit. This year the Note 7 is water resistant and has a larger battery, so two popular case options you won’t need this year. Instead, get a few different cases, a spare portable battery, or even a battery case from Samsung. Either way, we have tons of great options for your viewing pleasure and to help buyers find the right one for them.

Sales resumed on September 20, with more than 500,000 replacement models delivered to users. Now the phone is back and it’s still better than buying some accessories. Buy the Note 7, then consider some of the many great cases detailed below.

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