13 best messaging apps

But today they are still in large numbers and it is difficult to choose. To see it more clearly, we have prepared a small selection. The best messaging apps. Here are our top 13!

WhatsApp: a must have

WhatsApp 10 usage tips

The must-have messaging app. It has over a billion users. This is also its strength: almost all of your relatives probably use WhatsApp.

The application therefore offers to exchange messages, files, images, videos, in short, any content quickly and for free. The interface is simple and you can see if your interlocutor has read your message. There are also tons of tips and tricks for using WhatsApp well.

Group discussions are also included. Finally, you can make calls in France and internationally, and now you can even make video calls. WhatsApp is a must!

Google Play

Facebook Messenger: Is it really useful to offer this?

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger is undoubtedly one of the most used services in the world. Facebook has been pretty good at instant messaging ever since it bought WhatsApp a few years ago.

Facebook Messenger offers more or less the same thing as WhatsApp. But what pleases is its interface. The little bubble that pops up as soon as a clear, regular, new message arrives has little effect. Stickers (improved emojis) also give the app a fun side. Here, too, there are little tricks to use the app better. It’s a safe bet.

Google Play

Hangouts: Google’s classic


Hangouts is often seen by users as a classic SMS/MMS service. But it is also an instant messaging service. Also, we can find it on our PCs and Macs directly connected to Gmail.

Google spit for the app. Clear, colorful and intuitive. Hangouts is a really cool app Working tremendously in the United States, slightly less in France. And that’s too bad.

Like WhatsApp, Hangouts allows you to send all kinds of multimedia content as well as make video calls. You can bring up to 10 participants together in a chat, which is quite convenient. We were afraid to see the service disappear with the arrival of Google’s new service Allo, but it will always be there, confirmed.

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Google Play

Hello: The messaging revolution according to Google

Google Hello

Announced at Google I/O 2016, Allo aims to be the messaging revolution. Google believes strongly in this practice and we have to admit that it points to great things. The strength of the Allo app is that it connects directly to the new Google Assistant. So the messaging service learns directly from the user.

Binding can suggest replies based on location, who you’re talking to, and your usual replies. hello real smart messaging which has all the components to establish itself as a reference. We’ll have to wait until the summer of 2016 to start enjoying it.

Google Play

telegram: secure

telegram messaging

Telegram is a rising messaging app. At a time when the issue of protecting private data is at the center of users’ concerns, Telegram has set itself a benchmark in this space.

With end-to-end encryption, Telegram is the most secure messaging service today.. There is this image that sticks to Telegram’s shell, even if WhatsApp enters it.

In addition, the service has two other strengths. First, it allows to have conversations with large groups. A definite asset. So Telegram is not only available on smartphone, but also continue your conversations from your PC or Mac thanks to the desktop version. It’s not bad at all.

Google Play

Skype: a great classic

skype bug chat

We no longer offer Microsoft’s messaging app, Skype. It’s so well known that we’ve even created the verb “skyper” an Englishman. The service, which has been stagnant for a long time, has started to improve in its interface and functions.

Like other services, Skype lets you chat and exchange all kinds of content, but you can also make audio and video calls. His great strength: he available on all platforms worldwide. It’s a great classic then.

Google Play

Yahoo Messenger: unexpected

yahoo attack

Like most web giants, Yahoo has its own messaging app. Yahoo Messenger is based on a rather original concept that some may find outdated.

No calls or videos, it’s a real messaging app. The interface is really clean and it is possible to chat in pairs or groups. Yahoo chose this facilitate the exchange of high-resolution photos. It is also possible to like shared content and communicate via GIFs. The advantage on this side is that Yahoo relies on what’s available on its Tumblr service.

Finally, and this is undoubtedly a huge advantage for many users. There is an offline mode. If you have little or no network, you can still write your messages and they will be sent as soon as you turn them back on.

Google Play

WeChat: China reference

wechat messaging

Initially, WeChat is a service offered in China. It made a real splash there and became the cornerstone for messaging. Today, everyone can use it and it has significant advantages.

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Besides messaging, content, and video calls, WeChat also has a very interesting feature for those who love meeting people: location. The service offers you meet other users nearby. Pretty good, right?

Finally, what undoubtedly attracts the Chinese is the personalization offered by WeChat. We can customize everything, from ringtones to wallpapers and typography. And there are even loads of stickers. Some of these items are paid, but there is plenty to do in the free version.

Google Play

BBM: Blackberry’s biggest success

bbm android

Sure, you can send messages, make voice calls, or share content, but that’s not all. Line offers an impressive number of stickers and emojis. And because a picture is worth a thousand words, you understood the power of service. Additionally, in-app purchases allow for further customization of the already well done app. fun on the gounquestionable.

Google Play

Signal: in camouflage mode

messaging signal

Like Telegram, Signal is a messaging app that focuses on data security. That’s why everything is end-to-end encrypted. The service is relatively clean and simple and is also available on PC and Mac.

What is impressive is the speed and quality of the exchanges. In Signal you can do anything and even make incredible quality calls worldwide. Signal doesn’t offer tons of features, but it does what it does well. And that’s not bad at all.

Google Play

Tel: one of the most promising

wired messaging

We saved the best surprise for last. The Wire app, which was discovered a few months ago, looks really promising. For now, developers have to deal with a few minor bugs that are pretty rare but still present. This is the only minor criticism that can be made to this young app.

Completely free, Car Wire offers a plethora of features. everything first End-to-end encrypted like Telegram. Of course, we can exchange all kinds of content: files, images, GIFs and even drawings. Bonus, we can directly Embed Youtube and Vimeo videos also music from Spotify and Soundcloud in conversation.

Unmatched quality voice and video calls are also included. We can finally create conversations Groups of up to 128 participants. And as if that wasn’t enough, Wire is also available on the web, PC and Mac. And the interface is truly a delight. We love it and hope the app will experience the success it deserves.

Google Play

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That’s it for our pick of the best messaging apps. Small clarification though, we tested them all for more or less a while. Of course we have our little favourites. And you, what’s your favorite messaging app?