10 best guitar apps for Android

The many music apps that fill the Play Store are hard to decipher. Whether you’re a guitarist in essence or in real life, these top 10 will be helpful to you.
You will find the best apps to play, learn or accompany your guitar.

1: apps to learn sheet music

A) Superior Guitar Tabs and Chords

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords is a reference in the field of guitar tabs and contains hundreds of thousands of popular, classical and traditional songs.
The very complete app, among other things, lets you break down a song note by note to learn at your own pace. Only downside is the price, almost 10 euros.

Google Play

B) Chord!


chord! lets you find an unknown chord heard in a song. For 4.99 euros the app lets you learn any chord.

Google Play

C) jamstar

jamstar app

If you can’t afford a guitar teacher, Jamstar is for you. The app gives you 100 free lessons that will teach you how to play classics from The Beatles, Foo Fighters and more.
The app listens to how you play and then corrects you.

Google Play

D) Gibson Learn and Master Guitar


Gibson Learn and Master Guitar is an all-in-one app for guitar learners. This program, which is offered free of charge, includes a tuner, metronome, chord lists and various lessons chosen by the famous brand.

Google Play

2: Apps for mixing and guitar practice

A) Guitar Jam Parts

Whether you know the guitar or not, you probably want to play with other musicians. Jam, as they say. This app allows you to play in a virtual band by playing other instruments of the music you are rehearsing. Price: 5 euros.

Google Play

B) PocketBand Lite

In another style, PocketBand Lite lets you record your own songs to play on them later. Combining a rhythm machine, a programmable synthesizer, and a recorder, the app is also complete for budding composers.

Google Play

3: Metronome apps

A) Time Guru Metronome

A metronome that is both classic and original. Indeed, the app allows you to interrupt the tempo of the metronome to train the musician to develop his sense of rhythm. A good way to learn.

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Google Play

B) Moving Metronome

metronome app

The Mobile Metronome lets you program the tempo to reproduce more complex rhythms. In reserve for the most experienced.

Google Play

4: Applications for registration

A) Audio Evolution Mobile DAW


MAO software (computer supported music) on Android for less than 8 euros. That’s what Audio Evolution Mobile DAW has to offer. The app records multitrack, supports MIDI format and offers a range of virtual instruments to compose your own music or decorate your crazy guitar solos.

Google Play

B) Tape Machine

If you’re looking for a simpler, more direct way to record yourself while performing, TapeMachine is the right compromise. The app offers you many post-production tools, such as stretching or looping a passage of the song you just played.

Google Play


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