10 Best Android Apps of August 2017

On this back-to-school day, we bring you our selection of the best Android apps for the month of August. As you can see, the developers have not been idle, as we offer you at least 7 applications. Here we go !

August is over, it’s time to bring you our best. best android apps It was recently launched on the Play Store. While sunbathing on a beach or climbing a mountain, new apps appeared on the Google platform. Here are our picks for you.

Samsung Internet Browser

One of the biggest surprises of the Play Store in recent months has been its launch for all smartphones that want to take advantage of Samsung Internet Browser, which was previously the exclusive web browser for the Korean manufacturer’s phones. If there are widely used web browsers on the market, these browser extensions have the ability to accept them; this is still a rare feature on mobile devices and allows you to add functions to it as you wish. If Chrome seems too limited to you, this might be worth a look.

Google Play store


Are you the type to listen to the radio to discover titles as well as to build a huge library of your favorite books? Style Music might be the perfect match for you. The application, which is aesthetically beautiful, allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations as well as play your own music. Although it is a bit faulty for now, it is quite enjoyable in daily use with its very minimalist and colorful design.

Google Play store


Private chat services for gamers are getting more and more popular lately. Plexchat wants to be a direct competitor to the currently most used Discord and adopts the same operating mentality with the possibility of creating a hub where you can find your contacts and talk to them by text or voice. If the app itself hasn’t really differentiated itself from its competitors yet, it’s promising and could evolve very quickly: it should be followed carefully.

Google Play store

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Cool Weather HD

One of the features of Android is to be able to have interactive wallpapers. Why not combine business with pleasure with Amazing Weather HD, an animated wallpaper that showcases the weather in your area in great visuals? If it’s raining outside or even a big storm, you’ll at least have a cool wallpaper on your smartphone while it’s warming up!

Google Play store


If traditional wallpapers are your thing, this new app might be more suitable. It can manage the rotation of wallpapers on your phone by itself, as it has a library of over 100,000 HD wallpapers. It can even manage to convert these images to low-poly or crystallize the most beautiful effect. If you’re having trouble finding your own money, don’t hesitate to take a look.

Google Play store


Your favorite app’s icon has changed and you don’t support the new version? Want to give your phone more life? To personalize your image down to the smallest detail? Adapticons gives you just that: a tool that lets you create your own app icons to further your customization. Be careful though: you’ll need an app launcher that manages icon packs to be able to use them. But in the Android world this is just a trivial thing.

Google Play store

To hurry

If you are someone who easily forgets an event that happened in your life over the next few days, then Haste can be your best ally. This is a configurable widget that you can configure to display the countdown before a certain event. More than a simple diary app, it will give you a better understanding of the immediacy of an event, which is nifty. An indispensable application for those who have difficulty in organizing.

Google Play store


A little too extravagant? We can’t throw a stone at you when very interesting new products come out every month. However, it is better to know how to manage your budget to avoid inconvenience. Bola is a new app that gives you just that: see where you are on your spending in real time so you never have a surprise debt in your bank account.

Google Play store


You may have noticed recently that on mobile devices certain pages are displayed with the phrase “amp”, a new feature from Google that makes it easier to read on mobile devices but removes any personality from the sites you visit. If you didn’t like it, DeAMPify is for you: The app skips amp links from Twitter, Facebook, Hangouts, and the like, so you can find the web the way you want, not the way Google designed it.

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Google Play store

Ottipo Photo Editor

Obviously, every week image editor is enough. So, with Ottipo you have the right to have great classics of such apps that offer the ability to resize or tilt your photos and apply popular filters to them. Oppito also adds custom frames and stickers that are handy before sharing them with your friends. Its main feature remains the number of frames and stickers available, which means that when using it, you will surely find the one that suits you.

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