Top 9 Google Meet Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Google Meet is another video conferencing app that tries to count on Zoom’s success. Discovering a new product is always exciting and leaves everyone wondering what it has to offer. This post will cover the best Google Meet tips and tricks for beginners.

It’s worth noting that Google Meet was called Hangouts Meet, but Google renamed it to Meet. Google has decided to shut down (Classic) Hangouts and migrate G Suite customers to Google Chat (formerly Hangouts Chat) and Meet. Hangouts will be phased out. Note that Google will continue to support classic Hangouts for consumers. And now, back to Google Meet.

Let’s start.

1. How to Join a Meeting on Google Meet

The organizer of the meeting will send you an invitation code that you enter on the home page of the Meet web or mobile app.

Google Meet Tips and Tricks 10

Click the Join button that should now appear to start the meeting. The best part is that you don’t need to register to present or attend a meeting via the web interface.

2. How to See Everyone on Google Meet

You can call up to 100 participants (which will increase to 250), but you can only display 16 contacts on your screen at a time.

Join a meeting and click on the three-dot menu and select Change layout.

Google Meet Tips and Tricks 1

The number of attendees you can view will depend on the layout you choose. Select Tile Here to view the 16 participants.

Google Meet Tips and Tricks 2

3. How is Google Meet Different from Hangouts?

We’ve covered Google Meet and its comparison to Hangouts in detail. This will give you a good idea of ​​how it works and what to expect from the service.

4. How to Share Screen on Google Meet

Most video calling apps like Zoom call it sharing, but Google likes to call it ‘serving’. That’s why you won’t find the share button. Instead, click the Show now button at the bottom of the screen to reveal more sharing options.

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Google Meet Tips and Tricks 3

You can present your entire screen, a specific window, or just a Chrome browser tab. For example, clicking the window option will allow you to select any open window on your computer. This can be an open folder, file, or an application.

Google Meet Tips and Tricks 4

The rest will remain secret.

5. How to Record in Google Meet

The enrollment feature is only available to users of G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education editions. It will be available to all G Suite customers starting September 30, 2020.

Click on the three-dot menu button in the lower right corner to find the recording option.

Google Meet Tips and Tricks 5

All recordings will be saved in the newly created folder called Meet Recordings in your Drive account. The meeting organizer will also receive an email with a link.

6. How to Schedule a Meeting on Google Meet

You cannot schedule a meeting directly from Google Meet. You will need Google’s Calendar app for this. Click the ‘+’ icon to create a new event in the Calendar app.

Google Meet Tips and Tricks 6

Enter the meeting details, choose a future date where you want to hold the meeting, and don’t forget to add/invite guests. Select “Add Google Meet video conference” here to schedule a Meet video conference event and notify all interested parties.

Google Meet Tips and Tricks 7

You cannot schedule a meeting in Reminder or Task mode.

7. How to Mute All in Google Meet

Muting someone on a live conference call can be seen as rude. I think you should be careful when using this feature. Wait, the feature isn’t available yet, but a Google rep says it’s not prioritizing it, they’re considering it. Your only options for now are to remove these earphones or press the mute button on your keyboard.

8. How to Mute Someone on Google Meet

You can mute individual participants one at a time. Click on the Participants icon in the upper right corner of the screen to view the list of all active members.

Google Meet Tips and Tricks 8

Select a participant you want to mute and you will see three options.

Google Meet Tips and Tricks 9

One of them will have a microphone icon. Tap on it to mute it. However, this notifies all other participants that you have muted a particular participant. Also, the muted participant can unmute at any time.

The organizer can mute only one participant, but cannot unmute a person who has been muted for privacy reasons. Imagine muting yourself and turning up someone’s volume to avoid embarrassment. Like this. everyone laughs at what they hear. Fortunately, Google’s Meet saves you from such hassle or potential embarrassment.

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9. How to Turn Off Video/Audio in Google Meet

You can choose to mute the audio/video just before joining or creating a meeting in Google Meet. Before the meeting starts, click the microphone or camera icon respectively. It should be transparent when On and red when Off.

Google Meet Tips and Tricks 11

The same buttons will be visible when you actually join the meeting and in the same location. It’s just below the screen.

Google Meet Tips and Tricks 12

welcome and greeting

Google Meet is a polished product. Yes, I agree that this creates some confusion with the whole Hangouts naming decision. Things will become clearer once Hangouts (for G Suite users) is retired. Google will continue to have more group video calling apps than it needs, like Duo, Hangouts (for consumers), and Meet. Why do we need both Hangouts and Duo? Could it be because Hangouts is integrated with Gmail? But then so is Meet.

Google Meet is a solid video conferencing application and is rapidly gaining traction. These Google Meet tips and tricks will get you started right away. The application is intuitive and the user interface is quite easy on the eyes.

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