Huawei P10 VS Huawei P9: an evolution without a major revolution

This week, of course, culminated with the most important event of the year, Mobile World Congress 2017, which brings manufacturers together as part of the announcements of their new big phones all year long.

Yesterday afternoon, we discovered the Huawei P10, which still relies on its Leica-approved dual sensor to entice users. But is the evolution really worth it compared to the P9 released last year? It’s time to compare them directly.

Comparative technical sheets of Huawei P10 and P9

Huawei P10 Huawei P9
Processor Kirin 960 8-core 2.4GHz Kirin 955 octa-core 2.5 GHz
data store 4GB 3go
Screen 5.1″ Full HD IPS LCD (432 ppi) 5.2″ Full HD LCD (423 ppi)
rear photo sensor Dual f/2.2 12 MP RGB + 20 MP monochrome Leica sensor with dual LED flash, phase detection autofocus Dual f/2.2 RGB + Monochrome 12 MP Leica sensor, dual LED flash, laser focus
front sensor 8MP f/1.9 8MP
to store 64gb 32gb
Micro SD support Yes (up to 256GB) Yes (up to 128GB)
battery 3200mAh (not removable)

Fast charging

3000mAh (Not removable)

Fast charging

certificates USB Type-C 1.0 USB Type-C 1.0

Let’s be frank, from a pure technical standpoint, it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to switch from the Huawei P9 to the Huawei P10. The Kirin 955 is being replaced this year by the Kirin 960, which is already integrated into the Mate 9 and whose most notable evolution is the integration of the Mali-G71 GPU.

But in everyday use, we will have a hard time distinguishing the two, which are excellent processors ready to withstand what 2017 has to offer us without the slightest problem. Note a small improvement in battery size, or even an increase in RAM… but nothing is truly revolutionary.

In summary, the two phones are still proudly ready to race in 2017, with the P10 standing out by a slight margin over its older model, and that doesn’t justify dropping it for it.

Huawei P10 VS P9: color as a design argument

huawei p10 photo

Design-wise, the evolution between these two devices isn’t overly obvious either. Huawei has made a (good) choice to keep a metallic body and very simple lines on these two models, with a single touch of glass to protect the dual photo sensors on the back.

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Back, let’s talk about it! This year the manufacturer still made a big change: the fingerprint scanner moves from the back of the device to the front of the phone and also transforms into a Samsung-like Home button.

One change that could be considered criticism: The browser’s back placement allows you to naturally pick up the phone when you pick it up, while the placement of the Home button is often reassuring.

The big difference between the two will mainly be in the colors that Huawei has decided to highlight this year. A blue model and a green model, designed in partnership with Pantone, will be sold this year for further customization of the device.

Huawei P10 VS P9: a true evolution of the photo sensor?

huawei p10 official pictures

The Huawei P9 was the first to feature dual photo sensors, combining an RGB image with a monochrome image to improve contrast and detail in the final photo. This new P10 now includes the same sensor as the Mate 9 at the end of the year, with the monochrome sensor offering 20 MP versus 12 MP in the previous model.

This allows it to integrate a more powerful zoom without loss, but meanwhile the final quality of the photos hasn’t really changed. If the black and white mode is extremely pleasant to use and the phone integrates the always enjoyable bokeh mode of Huawei devices…

However, the fact that the difference in performance isn’t marked enough doesn’t justify going back to the chassis. Of course, this does not prevent the Huawei P10 from being very productive in this way.

Huawei P10 VS Huawei P9: Should we change?

huawei p10 pre-order

These are the major differences between the two devices. The question then arises: do we really need to change? If you already own a Huawei P9 and are happy with it, it will be difficult to objectively recommend switching to this new model.

Indeed, while it is a friendly improvement between the two devices, the €599 price is not distinctive enough to justify a return to the case, even if it is limited. If the P9 didn’t appeal to you or some of its features bothered you, this P10 isn’t going to change the game either.

However, as a new buyer, the question will be whether you want this new model, which, of course, is more powerful with just a little more battery, or save around €200 to “satisfy” the P9. be a bad idea.

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In any case, Huawei presented an interesting development in parallel with last year. But that’s not with a revolution that gives fans the desire to go through the refresh box.

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