Why is Kik Stuck on S?

What is your favorite instant messaging app? For teenagers, especially teenagers, Kik is one of the best options. It has an intuitive interface and great emoji and gif options. And the best part about it is that it can be completely anonymous.

You can choose to list your phone number, but it’s not mandatory. An email, password and username will suffice. Kik can be great for group chats, meeting new people and just having fun with your friends. But how do you know if your messages are gone?

What Does the “S” Mean?

Any text messaging app that uses data or Wi-Fi works on a similar principle. Your message is sent to a server, then forwarded to the person you’re messaging. Provided they are also connected to the Internet, the message will be received. So how does this look on Kik?

Open your Kik app, tap your best friend’s username, and continue writing a mini-essay about how you woke up and found out your coffee was gone. Big disaster. You press send. Just above your message, you’ll see an “S” shape in the upper left corner. And below it is a checkmark. Great, the message is sent to the Kik server.

Almost instantly, the “S” changes into a “D”. Great, your message has been forwarded to your best friend’s Kik. But they have not opened and read the application yet. After a few minutes, “D” changes to “R”. Your friend read the message and is most likely writing a thoughtful response. So, the path from your Kik to your friend’s is SDR.


When All You See Is “S”

If you use Kik all the time, you are used to the messaging traffic. It can be intense and fast. But once in a while you may find yourself in a puzzle. You have sent a message to someone, but the checkmark is stuck on the “S”. What could this mean?

Why Stuck in S

They are offline

Most likely, the phone of the person you are trying to reach is not currently connected to the internet. It may be out of Wi-Fi access and data plans may be completely gone. They may also be closed because they are working or sleeping. Maybe they are driving or traveling and will be back online soon.

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Kik Is Annoying

Kik is not perfect like other apps. Sometimes, a glitch can cause the messaging to stop. When this happens, the best thing you can do is check with your friend using a different messaging app to see if you can reach them that way.

Or maybe you haven’t updated Kik in a while. And it’s best to always have the latest update for any app to work properly. You can check for updates on Google Play and Apple Store and continue updating Kik if needed. There is a chance to fix your stuck on “S” issues.

Stuck on Kik S

They Blocked You

Finding out that someone has blocked you can be very disturbing. Maybe you deserved it, maybe you didn’t. People can be quick on the block button. You sent a message to someone and the message persisted on “S”. Now you are starting to suspect that you have been blocked.

An easy way to verify this is to try adding that person to a group chat. If they have blocked you, this action will not be possible. If you can add them to the group chat but the “S” is still hanging, it’s probably a connection issue.

They Deleted the App

There is a possibility that the person you are trying to reach via Kik has deleted the app. Of course they were using it until yesterday. But today they woke up and decided they didn’t need it anymore. Unless they send a special notification, you will not know about it. Try reaching out to them in other ways for approval.

What Happens If Your Message Gets Stuck in “D”?

If the message you sent to someone on Kik is stuck on the “D”, it means it has been delivered but not yet read. Rest assured – they will eventually succeed. The message went through the server and was reported to them. If the “D” stays there longer than you expected, it probably means the person is busy or away from their phone.

What If Your Message Gets Stuck in “R”?

Your message has been sent, delivered, and the person has read the message. It’s unlikely to call it ‘stuck’, but it does mean you’re left unanswered. At this point, Kik has done everything you can ask of it. The person you messaged chooses not to reply.


Nobody Likes Being Stuck

If you’re stuck on the “S” with Kik, that sucks. But let’s face it, sticking with the “R” is worse. Well, if the reason you saw the “S” is that someone blocked you, that’s much more serious. In any case, the most common reasons why the notorious “S” gets stuck on Kik is a matter of discomfort. Someone you’re messaging is either offline or has deleted the app.

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Have you had experience getting stuck with the letter “S” on Kik? Let us know in the comments section below.