WhatsApp is completely changing its look on iOS and Android, here are the new features

WhatsApp is being renewed on iOS and Android: Discover what’s new

evolution whatsapp

Famous messaging app, What’s upbegins Conversion on iOS and Android. The app, which has millions of daily users, is improving its appearance and functionality. This update, which is currently being distributed, renewed look Aiming to make the interface clearer and more enjoyable to use. It includes a new color palette and significant ergonomic adjustments.

Changes include: improved dark mode It has an even darker background so that the text can be read better. THE cleaning mode It has also been revised with more white space providing more refined aesthetics and more modern. Using a darker green helps unify the look of the app by creating visual consistency between different screens and features. Inside harmonize colors Efforts are being made to make the WhatsApp interface more intuitive by highlighting important elements. This makes it easier for users to familiarize themselves with the key features.

new whatsapp functionsnew whatsapp functions

This update completely changes WhatsApp

icons and Buttons in WhatsApp they changed shape: now more round and its contours are more precise. These adjustments simplify navigation in practice. For example, buttons for sending messages or switching conversations are now easier to notice and use. Also, animations are smoother. Transitions from one conversation to another are smoother and faster. This not only improves the aesthetics of the app, but also the way it works.

WhatsApp has redesigned the layout of some key elements. For example, the search bar is now fixed on top From the “Chats” tab. This makes finding specific conversations faster and more intuitive. For Android users, navigation tabs have been moved to the bottom of the screen to make it easier to access different parts of the app.

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