What is Snapchat Series?

Snapchat was the first social platform to introduce Stories. However, Instagram and Facebook soon caught on and introduced their own versions of this super popular feature. To take the game even further and keep its users in the game and engaged, Snapchat introduced Snapstreak shortly after.

In this article, we will explore what Snapstreak is, how to start and maintain it, and what the rules of the game are. We will also discover if it affects your Snapchat score.

Instant Line 101

For the uninitiated, Snapstreak is a series of snapshots you exchange with a friend on Snapchat. The rules of the game are very simple and easy to follow. To keep the game alive, simply send a snap to your partner every 24 hours. They also need to send you a snap within 24 hours to avoid breaking Snapstreak.


This feature was introduced with version 2.0 of chat in 2016. It was an attempt to keep people on the platform and interact with each other on a regular basis, it was obviously successful.

You can Snapstreaks with as many friends as you want and Snapchat will keep the score automatically. You just need to send and receive snapshots regularly and your Snapstreaks will bloom. Also, Snapchat takes Snapstreaks into account when calculating your Snapchat score. So if you’re worried about your score or want to improve your score, start sprinting.

How does it work?

Starting a Snapstreak is easy; simply send an instant message (not a chat message) to a friend. If they respond within 24 hours, you’re on your way to starting a Snapstreak. If you both send each other another snap within 24 hours of your first snap – congratulations, you’ve started a Snapstreak. A fire emoji will appear next to your names in your friends list, indicating that you have a Snapstreak with someone.

To keep Snapstreak going, you must capture each other at least once within 24 hours of your last respective snaps. Snapchat will count the days and add numbers next to the fire emojis. For example, if your Snapstreak has been running for 17 days, the number 17 will appear next to the fire emoji.

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When you reach the 100th day of Snapstreak, Snapchat will reward your loyalty to Snapstreak with the number 100 next to the fire emoji. If you reach 500 days, you will get the mountain emoji telling everyone that your relationship is very solid.

It is worth noting that any photo will be a snap, or even a blank photo. As long as you post one, your Snapstreak will keep growing. What’s more, you can send the same photo every time and it will still work. For example, you can take a photo, write “Snapstreak” on it, and send it to all your Snapstreaking friends.

Snapstreak Rules and Limitations

To make the Snapstreak game more interesting, Snapchat has set some limits on what matters and what doesn’t in your Snapstreak count. Here is a brief overview of the limitations and restrictions:

  1. Chat messages. Snapchat has disabled text messaging in an effort to increase users’ camera activity on the platform. You can chat as many times as you want with your private friend or friends, but the chat messages you send will not count towards Snapstreak.
  2. Memories were also ignored. Their job is to remind you of the good times you had in the past. Therefore, if you share a memory with your friend, it won’t count.
  3. You can post a Story on Snapchat at any time, but even if your collaborator sees it, it won’t be considered a worthwhile streak.
  4. Group chat. Similar to one-on-one chats, text messages sent in group chats also don’t count towards your Snapstreak with someone. Instant messages sent to group chats don’t count either.
  5. Content you send to a friend you draw via Glasses will not count towards your winning streak.

What If You Forget To Shoot?

If you forget to catch your BFF today, Snapchat will remind you that your Snapstreak is about to break. You’ll see an hourglass emoji next to your friend’s name in your recent list. The emoji will appear a few hours before the 24-hour window closes. If you submit a snap-on time, your series will continue.

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However, if you miss the notification and forget to send an attachment before the deadline, your Snapstreak will break. It can be disappointing to see a 300- or 500-day streak go to waste one day because you forgot to snap a snap. But Snapchat lets you start a new series with the same person right away.

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We Greet Those Who Will Flutter

Remember, starting a Snapstreak is easy because it takes two days and two snapshots from each participant. It’s easy to maintain, too, and Snapchat even reminds forgetful scorers that their streak is about to end. Finally, having a series of long lines can boost your Snapchat score.

Are you in a relationship with someone? What is your current longest win and longest winning streak ever? Drop us a comment below and share your Snapstreak experience with the community.

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