What does silent do on Kik?

Kik is a great social network filled with the largest demographic I think I’ve seen on any platform other than Facebook. I think literally everyone is there, from kids to teenagers, young to old. Given how popular it is, it’s inevitable that there will be people texting you when it’s not available. This is where mute comes into play.

Mute on Kik is a polite way to put all messages or messages on hold for specific contacts. They are still delivered and can still be read, but warnings are hidden for them. Mute is useful when you receive a call or are busy with something else and don’t want to turn Kik off completely. It’s also useful for turning off annoying people who are constantly texting you, or to get some peace and quiet for an hour.

You can mute specific chats or all notifications as you see fit, just follow the instructions below.

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Mute specific chats on Kik

To mute an individual or specific chat session, do this:

  1. Press and hold (Android) or swipe left (iOS) the chat you want to mute.
  2. Tap on Mute.
  3. Choose a time scale from an hour to forever, a specific time, or until I turn it back on.

This will mute that person’s voice up to the timescale you choose, or until you manually turn them on.

To turn up the sound:

  1. Press and hold (Android) or swipe left (iOS) the chat you want to unmute.
  2. Tap on volume up.
  3. Answer or whatever you see fit.

Once unmuted, you can chat with that person as normal.

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Mute all chats on Kik

You can also turn off all notifications on Kik, which can be useful to walk away from the app without turning off all notifications. Again, this will show you online but not bother you with chat notifications.

  1. Tap the Settings icon in the Kik app.
  2. Tap Notifications.
  3. Disable Sound, Vibration and Message Preview.

This will keep Kik running on your device but will not notify you of new messages until you reverse the setting. Which is literally:

  1. Tap the Settings icon in the Kik app.
  2. Tap Notifications.
  3. Enable Sound, Vibration and Message Preview.
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The benefit of muting is that the other party does not know that it is muted. They’ll know something is up because you’re not responding, but the normal R, S, and D notifications will show up as usual. Any savvy Kik user will know that a pale light gray D means you are not online, while a dark gray D means you are on Kik but are not talking to them. It doesn’t take a genius to understand what’s going on.

To be honest, if I want to take a break from Kik, I find it easier to close the app completely than to mute it. It’s faster, simpler and shows my friends I’m offline. It also prevents awkward ‘why don’t you answer me’ conversations by not talking to friends who see you’re online!