TikTok will soon launch its new application that wants to embed Instagram


TikTok has never hidden its desire to attack the biggest one. The Chinese social network has worked shoulder to shoulder with YouTube since its founding by extending the length of its videos and encouraging creators to post horizontal content. Meanwhile, Instagram has released its own response under the name Reels, which is certainly very popular but is far from TikTok standards. The fact is that the latter clearly did not appreciate this and is preparing to launch a new attack.

A few days ago, we heard for the first time about a brand new application called TikTok, this time completely dedicated to photography. You didn’t have to look far to see this as a boost to Instagram. Today it has become official. Several users received a notification from the social network announcing the launch of TikTok Notes. “A new app dedicated to publishing photos.”

TikTok rivals Instagram with a new application

Thus, TikTok explains that all photos already shared by users (it has been possible to create carousels in the application for several months) will automatically be published in TikTok Notes, unless specified otherwise by the user. If the app is not yet available, our colleagues at TikTok have discovered that a version is already available at photo.tiktok.com.

Just explore the interface of the application, which, unsurprisingly, completely copies the way Instagram works. This allows its users to post photos to their feed along with a self-written caption. In this way, TikTok certainly hopes to reintroduce videos on its main platform. Time will tell whether users will accept this. Currently, we don’t yet know when TikTok Notes will be deployed.

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