TikTok now shows time spent in app like Instagram

Once upon a time, it was almost a joke to see how much Instagram copied TikTok. The most recent example dates back a few days when Meta’s social network increased the Reels’ duration to 90 seconds. But of course, these glances at the neighbor have been the privilege of all social networks since the day they were created. So it was only a matter of time before TikTok did the same.

Recently, the Chinese app has also been inspired by its competitors. Thus, we have seen that Apple’s copy-paste image of Memojis or similar paid subscriptions to Twitch are coming. This time, it’s Instagram’s turn to share one of its features with TikTok, as it’s indicative of time spent on the app.

TikTok shows you how much time you spend watching videos

That’s why users can now find a new dashboard that displays various data on the time spent in the app and the hours they watch the most videos. In addition, TikTok now allows you to add a user time limit to avoid spending hours on the social network unknowingly.

It’s interesting to note that this venture comes in a tumultuous context similar to what Instagram has experienced in the past. TikTok is also the subject of accusations about its addiction risks and negative effects on the mental health of the youngest users. While Instagram encourages young people to take regular breaks, the Chinese social network seems to be heading in that direction as well.

Source : Engadget

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