Creating and managing multiple YouTube channels can take a lot of time and energy. But it’s worth it if you want to make a splash on the most popular online platform among US adults.

Source: Pew Research Center

At the same time, the number of monthly online users reaches two billion.

What does this mean? Multiple YouTube channels can help increase your reach and brand awareness (if you do it right).

Below are the best ways to manage multiple YouTube channels under one account.

Can you have more than one YouTube channel?

Yes, you can have multiple YouTube channels!

(I mean, we wouldn’t be writing this article if you hadn’t, right?)

In the past, if you wanted to create multiple YouTube channels, you had to create a separate YouTube account for each. Joyful to be still do this. However, this is an unnecessary and inefficient use of your time.

Fortunately, YouTube now lets you create channels with your existing YouTube/Google account. When you create these new channels, you create something called a Brand Account linked to your personal account.

Should you have more than one YouTube channel?

You may be wondering, “Is having multiple YouTube channels really worth it?”

Answer: It depends on the situation!

For example, if you’re a smaller brand that focuses on a specific type of topic (e.g. home workouts), it might be fine to have one YouTube channel that offers videos of workouts, fitness tips, and nutrition advice.

However, if your brand spans a wide variety of industries and you have a large existing audience, you may want to consider creating more than one channel.

A good example of this comes from Buzzfeed. Because they are a huge media company, they also have an equal audience. Their viewers turn to them for videos of all kinds, from cooking videos to product reviews and even ghost hunting.

Instead of keeping all these different types of videos under one account, they create separate channels for them.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Easy searchability. If you LOVE Buzzfeed’s cooking videos, you want to be able to find them easily and not be distracted by other types of content like product reviews. A particular channel serves it.
  • Better for the brand. Buzzfeed also has specific brand sectors, each with its own unique target user. A separate YouTube channel for each industry can help support that brand by focusing on that target audience.
  • Different sounds/tones. You can have two different video series with completely separate goals (eg how to guide vs daily vlog). If that’s the case, it might make more sense to create a separate channel for your daily vlog.
  • Big audience. If your audience is big enough (10,000+ subscribers), a separate channel makes sense if you have different types of videos like Buzzfeed does.

If you think this applies to you, you should definitely create more than one YouTube channel. If you’re just starting out and building your first few hundred subscribers, stick with one channel for now.

How to create multiple YouTube channels

Before doing anything, you need to make sure you have a Google account. This allows you to log into YouTube.

If not, create one here.

After doing that, you can now create multiple YouTube channels with the Channel Changer tool. Here’s how it works.

Stage 1: Go to your channel list here. It will have all the channels under your account. There should only be one for now.

Step 2: click Create a new channel.

Create a new YouTube channel

Stage 3: You will now be able to create a new Brand Account. Choose a name for what you want the channel to be. then click Create.

Create a Brand Account

Request! You have created a brand new YouTube channel. You can now upload videos, customize and view analytics on this channel.

How to add multiple users to manage your YouTube channel?

Of course, you may want to add multiple users to your YouTube channel. This is perfect if you have a team that manages your brand’s account.

As of May 2020, you can only add multiple people to manage a Brand Account. The advantage here is that they don’t need a new username and password to access the account when logging in.

Just follow these guidelines:

Stage 1: Make sure you’re signed in as the owner of the Brand Account. Then click on your avatar in the top right and Change account.

Change account

Select the Brand Account you want to add multiple admins to.

Step 2: In settings, go to: your channel.

Your channel YouTube settings

then click Settings in the left bar.

YouTube settings left sidebar

Stage 3: Under your YouTube channel is a reading section. Channel managers. click Add or remove admin(s) next to him.

Channel admins add or remove admin(s)

Step 4: Inside Brand Account details menu, click blue Manage Permissions button.

Brand Account details Manage Permissions

At this point, Google may ask you to verify your account. Once you do that, the Manage Permissions button will open this window.

Click Invite new users button in the top right.

Invite new user button

Step 4: Type the email addresses of all users you want to access this account. You can also choose between three different roles for them:

  • Owner. These users have the most control over the account. They can also give others permission to manage the account, delete the account and remove other owners.
  • Executive. These users will be able to use certain Google services for the account, such as video and photo publishing.
  • Communications manager. They can do the same with admins but can’t actually use YouTube.

Choose what level of access you want for your users.

Step 5: click Invite. And you’re done! These users will receive an invitation to participate in the administration of the account.

How to delete multiple youtube channels

Sometimes things go wrong. You may have overestimated the popularity of a channel idea. Maybe the channel is no longer aligned with the brand goals.

Whatever the case, you will have to delete the YouTube channel.

Fortunately, this is child’s play and mostly painless.

(I say mostly because after all, what you’re deleting is your hard work!)

Just follow these instructions:

Stage 1: Go to your channel settings by clicking on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the YouTube homepage. click Settings

Step 2: In the right sidebar, click on Advanced Settings.

YouTube advanced settings

Stage 3: Inside Advanced Settings window, click on delete channel under.

Advanced settings delete channel

This will give you the opportunity to do either one. hide content or permanently delete your content. Hiding your content will hide all content on your YouTube channel temporary. This means things like your videos, likes, subscribers and channel name will be made private. Also, all comments will be permanently deleted.

Permanently delete your content will delete all content on the channel and the channel itself forever. So make sure this is what you want to do.

Once you choose permanently delete click delete my content

And that’s it!

Tips for managing multiple YouTube channels

You will need the right tactics to create an engaging and helpful YouTube channel that your audience will love.

Below are a few ways to create a great YouTube channel.

1. Have a solid visual identity

Quick: What are Coca-Cola’s brand colors? What is McDonald’s logo? Or is it Nike?

You probably know the answer to all these questions. Because all these brands have a strong visual identity.

Like your brand, your YouTube channel should have a strong visual identity. This will help your channel look flashy and help you build brand awareness.

Be sure to include a channel icon that represents your brand, such as a logo. You’ll also want a nice banner display.

Make sure you stay within YouTube’s image sizes to prevent your photo from looking awkwardly cropped or elongated.

2. Write a good channel description

Your channel description tells new and potential subscribers exactly who you are. Therefore, it is important that you give them the necessary information that will make them want to hit the subscribe button.

Frontload important information first and make sure to include relevant keywords to make your YouTube channel more searchable.

If you need help writing one, be sure to check out our article on how to write the best YouTube description to help.

3. Publish on a consistent schedule

Your audience craves content. Not only that, they also crave Knowing when content will be out.

Consistency helps your audience know when to come back for more. That’s why it’s so important that you establish and adhere to a good content publishing schedule.

Plan to post at the same time every day, week, or month.

(even your yeeeaaarrrrs)

3 tools to help you manage multiple YouTube channels

Need some good tools to help you manage your multiple YouTube channels? We are behind you.

1. Hoot Suite

Moyens I/O is the all-encompassing platform for all your social media management needs.

The best part: It has a built-in tool that lets you schedule videos to be posted on multiple YouTube channels.

The platform’s built-in analytics dashboard allows you to closely monitor the YouTube metrics that are most important to your brand. It also has a built-in emotion tool that lets you monitor how audiences feel about your brand in real time.

It also generates comprehensive reports for you and your team. This allows you to see what can be improved to get the best return on investment from your marketing budget.

You can also reply to and manage comments on your videos from the Moyens I/O control panel.

Check out our plans page here to get started for free.

2. Tube Dating

TubeBuddy is a free browser extension that performs many useful tasks such as:

  • Publishing videos
  • Keyword tracking
  • Tracking metrics
  • Monitoring the rankings
  • Sharing videos

Perhaps its greatest boon is the testing tool that lets you A/B test and optimize things like your video’s titles, thumbnails, and descriptions.

TubeBuddy also takes care of scheduling videos, which is great for marketers who don’t want to struggle to keep up with a content calendar each week.

The platform starts for free, but it will cost you more for the license if you want to add multiple channels.

3. YouTube Studio



YouTube Studio is YouTube’s official app for creators and every marketer must download it.

It lets you see everything you would normally see on your YouTube Studio dashboard, but from the comfort of your own phone. Things like analytics, timing, comments and likes can now be observed and responded to in real time.

It also lets you easily switch between channels in just four easy steps.

The application is completely free. A YouTube account is all you need to get started.

With Moyens I/O, you can easily upload, schedule and promote your YouTube channel and videos across multiple social networks. Try it for free today.