How to Block Someone on Facebook

Tired of seeing someone’s spam and nonsense posts on Facebook? Maybe you really want to cut yourself off from someone. If you feel that unfriending is not enough, you may want to block that person instead. Lucky for you, Facebook makes it easy to block or unblock someone on their platform.

But how does blocking someone on Facebook differ from unfriending them?

How to Block and Unfriend Someone on Facebook

When you block someone, your profile will be as if they don’t exist for that person. That person can’t tag you in posts, leave you messages, and your profile won’t even show up in Facebook’s search results. It’s also worth noting that when you block someone, you automatically unfriend them as well.

You can block any profile on Facebook. They don’t necessarily have to be on your friend list for this. Blocking someone on Facebook is an ideal option when they are harassing or bullying you.

If you don’t want to receive messages from anyone on Facebook, you should try disabling Messenger instead.

Unfriending means removing someone from your Facebook friends list. If your profile is set to public, that person can still see you, message you, and even tag you in posts. In that sense, blocking someone is the most effective way to cut them off your profile altogether.

How to Block Someone on Facebook from Your Computer

Blocking someone on Facebook from your PC is a simple process.

  1. Go to your profile page and profile photo top right
  2. choose Settings and Privacy.
  3. click Settings.
  4. choose Privacy.
    Facebook blocking option
  5. click block.
  6. scroll Block users and then click.
  7. choose Add to Block List.
  8. Type the name of the person you want to block.
  9. choose To approve.
    Confirming Blocking on Facebook

How to Block Someone on Facebook from Android or iPhone

You can use the Facebook app on your phone to block someone.

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  1. Tap the = icon in the upper right corner of the Facebook app to open your profile.
  2. choose gear icon To turn on Settings and privacy
  3. Scroll down and select block.
    Facebook mobile blocking option
  4. Faucet Add to Block List.
  5. Proceed to enter the name or email id of the person you want to block.
  6. choose To obstruct.

How to Unblock Someone’s Profile on Facebook

Changed your mind and want to unblock a profile you have blocked before?

  1. Go to your profile page and profile photo top right
  2. choose Settings and Privacy.
  3. click Settings.
  4. choose Privacy.
  5. click block.
    Facebook blocking option
  6. choose See your Blocked List.
  7. Find and click the person you want to unblock unblock right next to their names.
    List of blocked users on Facebook.
  8. click To approve.

Unblocking someone on Facebook will not add them to your Friends list. You will need to send a new friend request.

Blocking Someone Is Easy But Not Always Necessary

As you can see, blocking someone on Facebook is relatively easy, but it’s reserved for the most extreme situations. Think about the future before going any further, as it may be difficult to reach that person in the future. If you think the problem is caused by Facebook or social media, you may consider deleting your Facebook profile instead.