Age of Empires: All games of the cult saga will be available on GeForce Now in June 2023

At the beginning of the year, Microsoft did its best to convince competition regulators that its plan to acquire Activision-Blizzard did not hide its secret desire to become the undisputed leader in cloud gaming. To do this, the Redmond company has signed a series of agreements with publishers that ensure the availability of their games on their platforms for the next 10 years, as well as with multiple competing cloud gaming services. GeForce Now is part of that too.

Thus, several Microsoft-owned titles have started joining Nvidia’s catalog of services, which are guaranteed to deliver the next Call of Duty for 10 years if Activision’s purchase is confirmed. Next month will be a huge party that will inflate the list of available titles. Indeed, the full Age of Empires license will be available to cloud gaming entirely by GeForce in the next few days.

GeForce Now gets full Age of Empires license

As a reminder, the saga currently has 4 entries, each with various versions. Here are the games that will join the GeForce Now catalog in June:

  • Age of Empires: Definitive Edition
  • Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition
  • Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition
  • Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition

Age of Empires IV is the latest iteration of the saga, released on October 28, 2021. The title aroused the enthusiasm of fans, elevating the series to the heights of RTS; These management games offer to build an army and manage its resources. to end the reign of his enemy. If you haven’t messed with games yet, this is the perfect opportunity to start. Obviously, these are also available on Xbox Game Pass.

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