Does It Cost Money to Use Tinder?

When it comes to the various social media apps being developed in this day and age, the business principle seems to be more or less the same for all of them – Some are free (usually first deal). that you like that app and want more and that’s when they charge you.

And honestly, that’s fair enough.

With Tinder, one of the biggest dating apps today, the deal is truly no different.

You can get the ‘naked’ version for free and then if you want some additional features you can choose one of the packs at users. Tinder came along the way. Want more exposure for your profile? You guessed it, it has a price tag on it! (It’s all pretty fair, actually. Even Tinder, as popular as it is, has to make money somehow, right?)

In this article, we will answer the question of Does it cost money to use Tinder?

Now, although the short answer to this question is in the paragraph just above, we would like to dwell on it and explain what some of the paid features give you! (If you want to be with them, of course.)

To put things into perspective, we’ll present the information we’ve gathered as follows: 1) Bare Bones, Free Tinder, 2) Tinder Plus, and 3) Tinder Gold. If you want to be on top of your Tinder game, here are the three packs you’ll want to know!

1) Tinder’s ‘Bare Bones’ Version

And when we say ‘bare bones’ we don’t mean to suggest that the free version of this app is missing in any way, shape or form. It is perfectly functional as it is and is characterized, among other things, by the following features (or rather concepts):

Free to Download

First of all, Tinder’s amazing dating app is free to download, and that’s one of its strongest points. So, no matter how much money you have, you can join the fun as long as you have a Facebook profile or even a phone number!

Tons of Users

Once you create your profile, you will become a player in a sea of ​​potential matches! Today, Tinder is estimated to have over 50 million regular users, which gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘fish in the sea’. (Seriously, don’t post a bunch of selfies on your profile and you should eventually find one!)

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easy to use

One of Tinder’s most compelling prospects is that it’s super easy to use. Even if you are illiterate, you can learn how to let someone know if you love them. Swipe left – no deal, swipe right – and there’s a possibility that there’s magic down the road!

2) Tinder Plus

Representing the first stage of advanced subscription deals, Tinder Plus is the regular brother of Tinder, so to speak. It only comes with features you don’t have in the base version and gives the user greater visibility and a wider set of tools to find someone interesting on the other side of the screen! Here are some features exclusive to Tinder Plus:


Allows the user to re-scroll. What this practically means is that you can undo both left and right swipes if you change your mind along the way. That way, you can embarrass yourself a little in the worst case and find the love of your life in the best case!

Unlimited Super Likes

So, super likes on Tinder are like really powered right swipes. A way to let someone know it’s yours really takes care of them! Now, this may seem scary or hopeless, but under the right circumstances, it can mean that your chances of closing the deal with the right person will increase.

Monthly Increase

Monthly Boost, previously only available on Tinder Gold, is a feature that allows your profile to be “upgraded” for 30 minutes per month. This means you will get more exposure to your profile during this amazing half hour, so more people will be able to see it, thus increasing the likelihood of a match!

3) Tinder Gold

The second and also the last tier of Tinder profiles comes in the form of Tinder Gold, a package that includes all the features of Tinder Plus and an additional option exclusive to Tinder Gold:

‘Loves You’ Feature

Probably the most interesting additional feature of them all. This ‘Likes You’ event lets you see who swiped your handsome mug so you can pick and choose the attractive people in that group as you wish! (Even if you didn’t swipe them right initially!)

Here you go folks! Tinder is a free app with two additional levels that you can access by paying a monthly subscription fee. We hope you found this article helpful and wish you good luck in your Tinder-connected adventures!

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