Camera Not Working on Snapchat—What To Do

As one of the most popular apps worldwide, Snapchat takes a keen interest in providing a stable experience across platforms. Mostly Snapchat provides this and works as expected, but sometimes glitches occur. The most annoying issue that comes up is with a device’s camera. If the camera is not working properly, it nullifies the entire purpose of the app.

In this article, you will learn some common ways to deal with camera problems on Snapchat. Some of these methods will fix camera problems in many different apps, so feel free to try them while your camera is up and running.

Snapchat Doesn’t Have Permissions

Most apps cannot access your phone’s peripherals without your consent. Under normal circumstances, the first time the app tries to access things like your camera or contact list, it will ask for permission. Sometimes permissions will also be enabled by default. There are cases where permissions can be reset in either case.

On Android devices, find Snapchat on your device. applications menu in Settings. Tap the Snapchat app when you find it, and then permissions. Here you can change what the app can access on your phone. be sure Camera It is turned ON. For iOS devices, the process is pretty much the same, but you’ll find individual apps there. Privacy Section of the settings menu.

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Also search for your camera app while on the apps screen. Just tap on it so you don’t leave any unturned stones. Camera Select the app and then tap the gear in the upper right corner. In camera settings, scroll all the way down and tap on it. Reset the settings.


Cache Congestion

Another possible issue is that some features from an older version may have gotten stuck in Snapchat’s temporary files. Snapchat experiences frequent updates and therefore is prone to malfunctions if the new version conflicts with the old version. To fix this problem, you can clear the cache data of Snapchat and update the app.

Follow the steps you took earlier to clear the cache, but instead of accessing the Permissions to store. You will see two buttons in the storage area. One of the buttons reads Clear Cache and another says clear data. Tap the Clear Cache button first, then wait a few seconds and tap Clear Data. This will remove any remaining settings and unused bits of code Snapchat is keeping.

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Reinstall Snapchat

A reinstall is unlikely to fix your problem, but it’s very simple and there’s always a chance it will work. To reinstall the app, go to your respective store page and remove button or remove from your application screen. Once uninstalled, download it again and launch the app. Again, this is a long shot, but it might work for you.

This will have the advantage of updating your Snapchat to the latest version. Snapchat updates extremely quickly and sometimes new versions will be released several times a week. Also, drop a line on one of their social media accounts with details about your problem. If an update can fix this, someone from the team will respond to you.

An inconvenient solution that seems to fix many camera malfunctions though is to restart your device. The problem will likely reoccur so it’s not a long-term solution, but it will do the trick in a pinch.

Third Party Camera Conflicts

For many people, third-party camera apps are a godsend. Native camera apps on both Android and iOS are not known to be powerful, so people choose more functionally-rich options. Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t work well with most of these apps. If you are using one of these camera apps, get rid of it and see if that fixes the problem. You can continue to use the app, but you can remove it as the default setting on your camera.

Alternatively, the problem could be caused by your native camera app. If you’re using the factory-installed camera app, try the reverse as well. Download the Google Camera app for Android devices and try Focos for iOS.

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There are a few other things you can try like factory resetting your phone, but these solutions are so faded that they’re not worth considering. Clearing the app’s cache might fix the problem, or you might have some compatibility issues with the camera app you’re using. Frequent updates can often cause some issues so reinstall the app to make sure you have the latest version and start with a clean slate.

Let us know in the comments below if you can think of other solutions or have any ideas why this might be happening.