Why Does iOS 11.3 Crack iPhones?

If you have a spare screen on your iPhone, you should stay away from iOS 11.3. Apple’s latest iPhone update breaks touch functionality on iPhones with replacement screens, and there are other annoying problems associated with it.

There are a few issues that all depend on spare parts. Some of these are limited to aftermarket parts, but other issues exist even if you use an official Apple part.

The biggest problem users complain about in iOS 11.3 is that on aftermarket screens the touch sensor malfunctions and renders the iPhone unusable as there is no way to control it without touch.

When you replace an iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or X screen, even with Apple parts, auto-brightness no longer works and True Tone is disabled. Another issue is that the Battery Health feature does not communicate with aftermarket iPhone batteries.

In the video above, Michael Oberdick iOutlet It examines various repair and replacement scenarios showing what exactly broke in iOS 11.3. In the video, we take a look at what works and doesn’t in iOS 11.0.2 and iOS 11.3.

Auto-brightness doesn’t work in iOS 11.0.2 even with original refurbished parts, but the inability to use touch controls is new in iOS 11.3. With multiple tests, we can see that this issue is related to the use of aftermarket screens.

Some aftermarket displays work with iOS 11.3, while others do not. It’s a problem, but compatible with this of iFixit Claim that this isn’t a malicious act by Apple, it’s a major iOS 11.3 bug.

iOS 11.3 update is breaking iPhones. This video shows that it’s a software issue.

Oberdick believes the software is looking for something that isn’t passed through the touch controller. This comparison highlights what’s going on with iOS 11.3 and iPhone touchscreen issues.

Obberdick, who is also a member of the board of directors, as a result of the tests carried out repair.orgbelieves this is a software issue. This is a good sign that Apple may release iOS 11.3.

We see in the video that FaceID and auto-brightness don’t work when you switch screens, even with an original Apple screen from another iPhone X. We saw error 53 and broken Touch ID support when repairing the iPhone 6 in 2016. Apple fixed this issue with a software update.

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