T-Mobile Tuesdays App: 5 Things to Know About Free Stuff

Another T-Mobile and Uncarrier on Tuesday is getting ready to give away lots of free stuff through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app on iPhone and Android.

Here’s what you need to know about the massive T-Mobile giveaway that offers all kinds of rewards and freebies for T-Mobile customers and other wireless customers.

This week is all about Pokémon Go, with free data, free treats, and even a free trip to catch Pokémon.

TRUE. Even if you’re not a T-Mobile customer, you can earn free points using the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.

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We’ll tell you what you need to know about the T-Mobile Tuesdays app for iPhone or Android, and how to play if you’re not a T-Mobile customer.

What are T-Mobile Tuesdays?

Here’s what you need to know about the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.

Every week there is a special free giveaway from T-Mobile via the T-Mobile Tuesdays app or website. T-Mobile rewards on Tuesdays and the value of those rewards change each week.

You can play via T-Mobile Tuesdays iPhone app or T-Mobile Tuesdays Android app. Both apps are free to download and use.

Every Tuesday there is a chance to win free T-Mobile gifts and even bigger prizes for every T-Mobile customer.

Every T-Mobile customer can receive the T-Mobile Tuesday gift, but not every T-Mobile Tuesday will receive the reward.

What Can I Earn on T-Mobile on Tuesdays?

T-Mobile Tuesdays rewards change every week. This week’s a trip to a major city with airfare, hotel meals, and expenses associated with tracking Pokémon elsewhere.

Here is the list of T-Mobile gifts on Tuesdays that T-Mobile customers get for free and guaranteed. You don’t need to play to earn these rewards. But you have to use the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to claim them.

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T-Mobile customers can request them. Some of these you need to use today, while others allow you to claim them and use them in the future. You can also play for a chance to win epic rewards. This week’s awards;

You can earn these rewards, but none are guaranteed to T-Mobile customers. The three awards listed above are also open to non-T-Mobile customers.

How to Get Free Items on T-Mobile on Tuesdays

To receive free T-Mobile gifts, you must download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app on iPhone or Android.

Open the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and then sign in with your T-Mobile account. This is the same account you use to view your information online.

If you are using the app for the first time, follow the on-screen instructions. Once done, go to My Stuff Every Tuesday and you can claim the freebies.

How To Play T-Mobile On Tuesdays If You’re Not A Customer

Even if you are not a T-Mobile customer, you can play for a chance to win prizes.

Even if you are not a T-Mobile customer, you can play for a chance to win prizes.

If you’re not a T-Mobile customer, you can still join for a chance to win T-Mobile Tuesday rewards, but you won’t get the free stuff.

go to T-Mobile Tuesdays website for non-customers and enter your email address, name, address and phone number, then you can click to enter.

You can only enter once per Tuesday, but you can set it up next week for another chance. You can’t do this on the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, but you can on your phone.

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T-Mobile Tuesdays Free Stock Infp

In addition to free Pokémon Go data and other freebies, you can get free T-Mobile stakes if you’re a T-Mobile customer.

Just join T-Mobile, download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, and then within three weeks you’ll receive a share of T-Mobile stock.

In addition, you will receive more T-Mobile shares when you get a friend or family member to switch to T-Mobile.