Moshi Apple Watch Travel Stand Review

The Moshi Travel Stand for Apple Watch is the best portable Apple Watch stand we’ve found. It includes easy-to-use cable management, adjustable angle, and looks great.

At $34.95, the Apple Watch Travel Stand from Moshi is priced well within the budget of most Apple Watch users, and it’s also sturdy enough to serve as your main Apple Watch stand at home if you’re not a frequent traveler. This does not include an Apple Watch charger, so you will need to use your own.

Moshi Travel Stand for Apple Watch folds flat and holds for your charging cable.

Normally traveling with an Apple Watch means pulling an extra cable and hoping your Apple Watch stays on overnight. The biggest problem we face with using just one cable to charge the watch is if you wake up on at least one day of your trip with an Apple Watch that isn’t charging for one reason or another.

That’s not a problem with the Moshi Travel Stand for Apple Watch. There is a soft yet sturdy rubber cable holder that allows you to wrap the Apple Watch charging cable for travel. With the charger secured to the top and the cable wrapped, you have a small pack that fits easily in your backpack or trunk.


Once you’ve reached your destination, simply unplug the charger enough to plug it into a power source and you’re good to go. No more long wires to your iPhone or glasses overnight. The charger folds flat when traveling, and when you reach your destination you can flip the top of the charger up to use the Apple Watch in Nightstand mode.

Open the stand to use your Apple Watch in Nightstand mode.

Open the stand to use your Apple Watch in Nightstand mode.

The Travel Stand is very well made, easily escaped a cramped backpack on a recent trip and performs flawlessly. Moshi designed the stand with a clean look and premium feel, which at $35 is a bargain. If you only want to use one cable, this is an Apple Watch stand that’s easy to use at home and on the go.

You can use the Travel Stand with any 38mm and 42mm version of the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 1, and Apple Watch Series 2. We tested the charger with multiple bands and had no issues thanks to the upgraded charging platform that allows even closed bands to work at all times.

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You can purchase the Moshi Travel Stand for Apple Watch at: moshi You can find Moshi products at the Apple Store, Best Buy, and other national retailers.

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