How to Enable Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp on Android

My job requires me to use both Android and iOS devices, and I love both operating systems equally. This is why I hate when developers treat Android like a smaller operating system. WhatsApp has been doing this for a while, although the majority of its users use Android smartphones. Gripes aside, I’m happy that the company is at least bringing new features to Android apps rather than abandoning it entirely as some developers have done. All this is to say that WhatsApp has finally brought its new fingerprint lock feature to Android. In this article, I will show you how to enable fingerprint lock on WhatsApp on Android devices.

Enable Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp on Android

You can enable fingerprint lock on WhatsApp by visiting the app’s privacy settings. I’ve tested this feature on multiple Android devices and it works flawlessly. Here is the step-by-step guide you can follow to secure your chats on WhatsApp.

1. Tap the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of WhatsApp and then Tap on Settings.

2. Here, Tap on Accounts and then on Privacy.

2. Enable Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp

3. Scroll down to find it. “Fingerprint lock” option and tap on it. Now, tap the toggle button to turn it on.

3. Enable Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp

4. In the next step, WhatsApp will ask you to confirm your fingerprint. touch your device’s fingerprint sensor to confirm. Once confirmed, you will see that there is an option to set the “Automatically Lock” time. Immediately, you can choose between 1 minute and 30 minutes.

4. Enable Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp on Android

Finally, there is a toggle to enable/disable message previews. It’s on by default, which means you can see messages in notifications. If you want to turn off the message preview, turn this toggle off.

5. After enabling fingerprint lock, this will open your WhatsApp if anyone wants to access it without your permission.

5. Enable Fingerprint Lock on Whatsapp

While we’ve been able to lock WhatsApp and other apps for that matter using various third-party apps on Android, it’s great to have a native option as it’s more secure and streamlined.

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Protect WhatsApp Chats with Biometric Lock

This was a simple tutorial showing you how to lock WhatsApp chats using the new fingerprint lock feature. While I welcome this feature on Android, I hope developers will release the same features on both iOS and Android at the same time. I hate waiting on Android for a feature I’ve been using on my iPhone for months. All by me. Let us know what you think of this new WhatsApp feature by writing in the comments section below.

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