iPhone: The first emulator from the App Store has been removed, but not for the reasons you might think


UsersiPhone We have witnessed a huge change since March 2024. The arrival of iOS 17.4 update has really disrupted their habits by bringing numerous changes associated with the implementation of iOS 17.4. Digital Markets Act (DMA) in Europe. These include opening the system that allows downloading emulators from the App Store. A revolution that many developers have failed to capture by proposing their own revolution too quickly.

Those who dream of playing games Game Boy Advanced They probably jumped on their iPhone 15s iGBA. Except that app removed from Apple store but only after one week of availability. We think this is because it offers pirated versions of spontaneous games, but that is not the case. The emulator is actually a Plagiarized from another person named GBA4iOS and developed by Riley Testut.

Here’s why the first GBA emulator was removed from the App Store

The name Riley Testut may not be unfamiliar to you. GBA emulator for iPhone has been around for over 10 years. He is also the creator of AltStore, which will be the first alternative store to officially see the light of day. When he realized the existence of iGBA, he expressed his discomfort on Threads: “apparently Apple has confirmed a copy of GBA4iOS […] on the App Store. I haven’t let anyone do this, but it’s currently at the top of the charts (albeit full of ads and trackers)“.

Apple has since removed this under the cover of part 5.2. Guidelines for reviewing appsabout intellectual property. “Make sure your app only contains content that you created or have licensed to use. Your app may be deleted if you exceed the limits and use content without obtaining the necessary permissions“. Therefore, it is recommended to be careful before downloading an emulator from the App Store.

Source : MacRumors

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