PlayStation 5 “Slim” and new DualSense colors steal the show at CES 2024

During the technology event in Las Vegas ‘CES 2024’, the Sony revealed an exciting expansion to the Deep Earth Collection, initially introduced in September 2023 for the original PlayStation 5.

Now, the new color palette will be available for the “Slim” version, featuring three variants: Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue and Sterling Silver.

Enhanced design with metallic finish

The main highlight of this reveal is the metallic finish of both the console and the DualSense controller.

Such an aesthetic choice aims to provide a premium feel and enhanced aesthetics, elevating the visual experience for gamers looking for something beyond the standard aesthetics.

Additionally, the new variants of PlayStation 5 “Slim” abandon the shiny division between the upper and lower plates, presenting a more solid and contemporary design.

Such visual changes not only differentiate the new model from the standard white, but also reinforce the proposal of a more stylized console.

The Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue and Sterling Silver colors of the PS5 “Slim” – Image: Sony/Reproduction

While the color reveal was the highlight, Sony is still keeping certain crucial details under wraps. Information on specific availability and launch markets remains pending.

However, it was confirmed that the plates, offering the possibility of exchange for customization, will be available for approximately US$54.99 (around R$270), according to The Verge.

During the press conference at CES, Sony didn’t limit its reveals to hardware. The company shared impressive numbers, announcing a record 123 million active PlayStation users in December.

Furthermore, it surprised spectators by showing off the recent prototype of its electric vehicle in collaboration with Honda, which highlights the synergy between the world of games and automotive innovation. You can watch that presentation below.

While the new colors and the long-awaited PS5 “Slim” excite fans globally, confirmation of the compact model’s arrival on the Brazilian market remains uncertain.

However, considering its improvements and the gradual replacement strategy previously adopted, the PlayStation 5 “Slim” could become the new favorite of players, marking a significant advance in the evolution of the PlayStation line.

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