iPhone 16 Pro: Apple may well carry this design change to its next smartphones

According to a new report from MacRumors, Apple would make a big change to the Action button design, which was used in the latest prototypes of the iPhone 16 Pro for various functions such as taking photos, recording videos, and activating Siri. The action button was designed to be more intuitive and versatile, allowing users to perform different actions depending on context and press time.

The problem is that Apple was apparently unhappy with the performance of the Action button and had tried various alternatives for the iPhone 16 Pro. Report reveals Apple tested four different configurations and two different button sizes for the Action buttonBut in the end I decided We’re returning to the same design as the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro, which is a small circular button on the left side of the device.

The second iPhone 16 Pro prototype featured a larger Action button, almost the same size as the combo volume button. This prototype also added a new Capture button on the right side of the device, below the power button. As previous reports revealed, the Capture button is supposed to capture photos and videos like the shutter button on cameras.

apple iphone 15 pro max reviewapple iphone 15 pro max review

The third and fourth iPhone 16 Pro prototypes had separate volume buttons instead of a combined volume button. These prototypes also featured an action button and a capture button; Both of these were flush with the frame of the device and used capacitive technology with force sensors. The only difference between the third and fourth prototypes was the size of the Action button, which was larger in the third prototype and smaller in the fourth.

Apple is ditching the capacitive button for a more traditional button

The report notes that the fourth prototype, which featured separate volume buttons, a small Action button, and a recessed Capture button, was the last iPhone 16 Pro design until Apple changed its mind and reverted to the design of the iPhone’s Action button. 15Pro. The reason for this change is unknown, but It could indicate that Apple has issues with capacitive buttons or has decided to simplify the design.

Frankly, the report states that the design of the iPhone 16 Pro is not final and may still change before the official launch. As a reminder, the iPhone 16 Pro is not expected to be released before next September. Therefore, Apple still has a few months to create a new prototype with capacitive buttons.

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But since Apple backtracked on its latest prototype, it’s unlikely the company will run the risk of introducing a capacitive button at the last minute. Therefore it will probably be necessary Expect the iPhone 17 Pro to qualify for this technology.

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