iPhone 14 Pro: A bug that displays neon bands on startup

Bugs on the iPhone 14 we’ve spotted a few since they were released last September. But not all of them are effective on a daily basis. Let’s take an example. In October, we reported in our corners that some iPhone 14s did not detect the user’s SIM card and were blocked. This issue is very important because the smartphone is no longer usable.

Another major bug, but not as blocking: iPhone 14 Pro’s camera flickering. In certain cases, the photo sensor fell victim to a shake that ruined all photos. It’s a shame for a smartphone that wants to be one of the best in photography. It wasn’t blocking, but a mistake that ruins most photos, not fun. This week, a new bug seems to be affecting the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, this does not affect it on a daily basis. for now

Fluorescent bands appear on iPhone 14 Pro at startup

About what? Apple’s latest high-end smartphones equipped with displays AMOLED LTPO 120Hzview neon yellow and green bands under startup. There is an increasing number of testimonies on Reddit, on the Apple tech support site, as well as on the forums of some Anglo-Saxon sites. The photo at the beginning of this article is taken from the forum of our colleagues. macro rumorwhile the snapshot below on the left is from this forum reddit.

apple iphone 14 pro max fluo screen error

Various testimonies addressing a more recurring problem since the 20th century iOS 16.2 update, although some claim that the bands have already appeared with other minor updates to iOS 16. One user explains that he contacted Apple, who explained that a fix is ​​in development. If the bug doesn’t bother, it’s still a bit of a concern. Because it can be a sign of a bigger problem such as constantly showing neon bands.

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