iPad: Apple Pencil will recognize colors and textures of objects around you

Apple Pencil is a pen that provides natural writing and drawing experience on iPad. It is used wirelessly and communicates via Bluetooth Low Energy. Its tip is pressure sensitive, which allows you to change the width of lines and very fine nuances in drawings. The tilt sensor can detect the angle at which it is held. Also, Apple Pencil has a integrated accelerometer Its built-in battery can be charged using a Lightning connector.

As we can see, Apple’s accessory is very practical, but owners of competing graphics tablets will confirm that there is nothing revolutionary in this accessory. That could change soon, as the Apple firm would file a patent application with the USPTO on the last day of 2022, according to the site Patently Apple. The second would be about an Apple Pencil that would integrate optical sensors with some pretty fascinating features. . . On the one hand, these are Apple’s pensample colors in the real worldand on the other hand, it can be capture textures and surfaces.

The Apple Pencil’s color matching and sampling capabilities would make it even more versatile.

These parameters can be passed to an iPad or any other compatible device for use in the appropriate software. If this patent were to be implemented one day, we can only imagine it.It will greatly expand the scope of use of Apple Pencil.. While the Apple accessory has until now been primarily the prerogative of illustrators and other note-takers, the Apple accessory could become everyone’s darling. 3D modelers, architects and other animators.

US patent 20220413636 A1 still far from being implemented On Apple Pencil. Therefore, it is unlikely that we will see this breakthrough in the next Apple Pencil. According to Patently Apple, such a sensor will appear in the company’s stylus in 2024, when the iPad OLED is released.

Source : patented apple

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