Opera Max: you can finally save your data in private mode

Opera Max browser has a tool that lets you save up to 50% of your data while browsing the web. The trick is that until now you had to choose between this tool and your security, as data saver does not offer a special mode. But that’s not the case anymore, so you don’t have to compromise.

Opera mobile browser has always offered great features. A year ago, it added a tool to save your data, including data exchanged by apps, and more recently, it added a free and unlimited VPN to its Android app. Today, the company is announcing that an update is coming soon that will delight all users concerned about their security.

Like the Galaxy J5 and J7’s S Secure mode, Opera adds a “Private” mode to its app that will let you see which apps are sending your information to third parties. Added a tool to allow this encrypt all information that you change on the web when you are connected to a public Wifi network. All you have to do is activate a switch.

Of course, when you use Opera Max to save your data, all the modified data will go through the app’s servers as this is the only possible way to get them compressed. However, if you trust the app, this isn’t really an issue.

The web and mobile browser industry remains very competitive, and last May, Chrome took the top spot over Internet Explorer. In order to survive and better establish itself, Opera has chosen to introduce new features that sometimes focus on the real needs of the user. A recipe that seems to work. Note that the company takes its liberty to fight Apple by stating that its tool offers better security than iPhone apps.

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