iOS 16: Flighty app can now display your flight information in Airplane mode

As you know, iPhone 14 and 14 Pro come with a special feature through this new pill design: Dynamic Island. This dynamic island can display live information about your various apps in real time, such as the music you listen to on Spotify or even the scores of the matches.

Also, the apple brand announced it. developers can take advantage of Live Events to allow apps to display information directly on Dynamique Island. for now only a few apps have integrated the Live Events API. Among them we find Carrot Weather (weather), SmartGym (Health & Sports), and even Soor, which offers a different user experience for Apple Music subscribers.

Flighty app displays live flight data even in Airplane mode

But in this article we will focus on flyingAn app that provides real-time monitoring of data about their flights, such as delays or boarding gate changes. However, the developers have released a new update. This patch brings a new tool to the app.

Indeed, it is now possible to obtain real-time information on board and Even if your iPhone is in airplane mode! Until then, users could only view estimated data. To have accurate and live data, it was necessary to pay for Wi-Fi access on the device.

This is no longer the case. Just connect to the free in-flight Wi-Fi. How does it work? As Flighty developer Ryan Jones explained on Twitter, the free Wi-Fi on most airlines makes it possible to use iMessage for free. Gold, Live Events in iOS 16.1 are updated using the same protocol as iMessage. In fact, Flighty can update the information provided live by taking advantage of the airlines’ free Wi-Fi.

Source : 9TB5Mac

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