Novak Djokovic reflects on his physical and mental health after facing concussions during the 2022 ATP Finals

21-time Grand Slam winner Novak Djokovic He clinched his fifth title of the year at the 2022 ATP Finals. He dropped only one set during the tournament. Despite his victory over Medvedev in the group stage, he trembled violently throughout the match, raising concerns about his health. The Serbian explained the reason for the tremors during his campaign in the Year-End Championship.

Despite a tough year, he finished the year on an excellent grade, clinching his sixth ATP Finals title. At 35, he became the oldest player to win the Year-End Championship, surpassing Roger Federer’s previous record. He defeated Casper Ruud to win his sixth ATP Finals title, which tied the championship tally with Roger Federer.

The 7-time Wimbledon champion admitted that the match against the 2020 ATP Finals champion was quite exhausting for him, and he had one of the toughest matches. He claimed that physical and mental health comes at a price and credits his team with helping him recover on time with the best possible combinations and the best routines.

during interviewDjokovic, “I struggled in the match with Medvedev. It was without a doubt the hardest match of the week for me. It wasn’t easy to recover in less than 24 hours after that thriller game against Medvedev and play really well in the semi-finals. What can I say? I have a great physique. I have a great team. I have routines that work so well for me, that’s how I feel in terms of recovery. I think it’s mostly what you say to yourself. We talked about it.

Continuing his line of thought, he added: “I think someone asked me after the Medvedev thriller, Where is the border? I really feel that the limit usually only exists in your mind and perspective. In those moments of pain, maybe this or that, he doesn’t feel like getting up in the morning, whatever it is, whatever happens to all of us, there must be something that gets us out of bed. . The heart, the mind, is what life force or fuel is to you.

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Novak Djokovic happy with overall performance of the year after Australian Open debacle

Novak Djokovic - Moyens I/O
Novak Djokovic – Moyens I/O

The 2022 Wimbledon champion faced a major setback when she was deported from Australia after arriving in the country with a valid medical exemption that was later denied. He had to skip the Australian Open and failed to defend his title. The tennis pro even missed all tournaments in the North American leg, but started with a campaign after the US Open. He reached four consecutive finals and won three of them.

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Novak Djokovic finished the year in the Top 5 of the ATP rankings. Despite the fiasco in Down Under in 2022, he received a winning score and expressed his satisfaction with his performance throughout the year. He also thanked the support of people around the world, especially his team and family, who stand as the strongest pillars. strength.

Claiming that his motivation is not lacking, he hopes to carry the momentum he gained into the next year. He is looking forward to his campaign in Melbourne Park in 2023 as he will make his comeback two years later. Novak Djokovic has named the Australian Open his most successful Grand Slam, as he will aim for a record 10 titles and have a chance to equal the singles Grand Slam title record with Rafael Nadal.

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