iOS 18: After all, Apple won’t present its in-house AI for iPhone at WWDC 2024

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Doubt is no longer allowed. The next WWDC, taking place on June 10, 2024, will focus on artificial intelligence. Apple, which is not in the habit of explaining the content of its announcements in advance, left it to Greg Joswiak this time: “It Will Be Absolutely Incredible” (“It will be Absolutely Incredible”, thus emphasizing the letters AI for artificial intelligence).

This is news that will not surprise anyone who has been following iOS 18 news for a few weeks. Indeed, we can no longer count the reports suggesting that the next update will prioritize generative AI. In reality, the real question is whether this artificial intelligence will be developed by Apple. We thought so too for a while. However, according to journalist Mark Gurman, Apple will not be ready to distribute iOS 18 after all.

iOS 18 will have artificial intelligence, but not Apple’s

Indeed, Apple appears to be relying on existing AI to deliver new features in iOS 18, at least initially. Again, nothing surprising here: Lately we’ve seen the Cupertino company teaming up with Google to bring artificial intelligence to its iPhones with several other companies, most notably Gemini.

If Mark Gurman doesn’t explain the reasoning behind this strategy, it’s a safe bet that Apple isn’t ready to reveal its generative AI to the world. However, since the smartphone industry has already taken over this technology, it is now urgent to find a temporary solution in order not to fall too far behind the competition.

Regardless, Apple continues to extol the virtues of iOS 18, not shying away from calling it the most important update of all time for the operating system. All we have to do is wait to learn the new features that the Cupertino company has prepared for us.

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