AirTags: goodbye whistleblowers, Apple is releasing an update that identifies spy devices

AirTags have been around since their launch in 2021. a lot of controversy because of their operation and formidable efficiency. Apple’s audience, for example, is often accused of facilitating the harassment of women, even making it easier for car thieves who can now easily track their targets.

Faced with these issues, Apple had promised an update in early 2022 to combat spying and harassment, and that’s exactly what the manufacturer has just applied to its tracker. Two new updates Make it easy to find unknown informants around you.

Apple fights bullying with its AirTags

According to Apple, firmware update 2.0.24 is available for AirTag owners.Use Precision Discovery to help locate an unknown AirTag on their iPhone. Additionally, Apple states that if a user’s iPhone is awake, A new notification alerts when a reserved AirTag is nearby and makes a sound to indicate that it has moved.

Suspicious AirTag later Quickly find by voice or precision search if this function is available. Apple says this change will also be helpful if AirTag audio is hard to hear or if the speaker is intentionally disabled.

Apple has also updated their AirTags to version 2.0.36 more recently. There is this update fixed a bug that caused the accelerometer to not activate in some scenarioswhich made AirTags harder to find.

Note that all new features for finding cookies require iOS 16.2 or later. Features using Sensitive Discovery require iPhone 11 or later, because they are equipped with a U1 Ultra Wideband chip. As a reminder, it’s the latter that lets you point you right to your AirTag.

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