8 iPhone Privacy Settings You Should Change

Privacy is a big concern for many iPhone users. Here are eight iPhone privacy settings you should change right away.

If you ask someone if they want to be tracked and have their activity monitored at all times, they’ll probably give you a stern “no”, but these users are probably already being tracked and tracked, it’s not without their consent, but most likely they haven’t gone into their iPhone privacy settings to change something.

By default, many privacy settings are enabled and users need to disable these settings to disable them.

There are a handful of “features” on the iPhone like geo-located photos (where your location is added to the photos you take with your iPhone) and even ad tracking that sounds really intrusive. Of course, Apple respects your privacyhowever, the same cannot be said for every type of app you install.

While Apple may seem to care about your interests, it’s always better to be safe than sorry; Therefore, there are a handful of iPhone privacy settings that you should review and change to keep your privacy safe.

Here are eight iPhone privacy settings you should consider changing right now.

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