Everything new in the Valheim Mistlands update

The Valheim Mistlands update is finally here! Almost. The official Mistlands release date is still unknown, but you can already explore the new biome on Valheim’s Public Test Server.

Valheim developer Iron Gate promised a major update, and they delivered: The Mistlands update adds nine new creatures, two new crafting stations, and tons of new weapons, armor, gadgets, recipes, and building materials.

Some of these features, like Dangerous Ticks and Spine Bow, have been teased before, but most are complete surprises. If you don’t mind spoilers, here’s a full rundown of everything new in the Valheim Mistlands update.

Valheim Mistlands release date

There’s no official Mistlands release date yet, but since Public Teste Server is currently open (as of November 22), it shouldn’t be too far off. If you join the test server, you can already discover the new biome. Note that you may run into some issues, so it’s best to make a backup of your world before joining.

What’s new in the Valheim Mistlands update

Obviously, the biggest change in the Mistlands update is the addition of the brand new Mistlands biome. You’ll recognize it by… Well, by the thick wall of fog. Once you manage to clear the fog, you will find a green landscape filled with ancient ruins and dwarf towns. It probably goes without saying, but be careful, because the Lands of Mist are no joke. Padded Armor is highly recommended before going through the mists.

A very important detail: Misty Lands will only spawn in previously unexplored parts of the map. This means that if you haven’t uncovered the empty biome that acts as a Mistlands “filler”, you can find the new biome on a pre-existing server.

Mistlands creatures and boss

Good news for farming fans: The Mistlands update adds chickens. You can buy your first eggs from Trader Haldor. As for the creatures that actually live in the Mist Lands, you will find many Hares and Dvergr NPCs. The latter is a race of fearsome-looking dwarves that won’t attack you unless you attack them first.

Naturally, there’s also a list of aggressive creatures that can hit the unsuspecting Viking with one hit, including Seekers, Ticks, and Gjall. The Gjall is a massive fire-breathing bug that swims around and occasionally produces Tick minions. Ticks will pounce on you and suck your blood, but they are not overly damaging on their own. Try not to jump by several Ticks at once, though. Seekers deal powerful direct damage. They are fast, cockroach-like insects that usually lay eggs in groups.

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Of course, the most dangerous is the Mistlands boss, who is called the Queen. It will be hidden in a great temple and as you can imagine; she’s also an insect.

Finally, the Mistlands update adds a second lore raven: Munin. Like Hugin, who has been with us since the beginning of the game, Munin will freely offer his guidance to the player.

Mistlands crafting

The Mistlands update adds two new crafting stations: Black Forge and Galdr Table. The former is mainly used to craft new tools and weapons, while the latter is used to craft magical items. New tools include Wisplight and Dvergr Lantern, which clear the fog around your character. You’ll also be able to (finally!) craft a Black Metal Pickaxe.

On top of that, there are several spawn station extensions and ancillary spawn structures, including Sap Extractor (used on large Yggdrasil roots) and Wisp Fountain (attracts Wisps). You’ll find some of the most valuable crafting materials in the new dungeon Infested Mines.

Mistlands building

As for the build menu, most new items depend on a resource called ‘Black Marble’. It will unlock a wide variety of building blocks, including pillars. Although not used as basic building blocks, many craft recipes also require Yggdrasil Tree, which is obtained from Mistlands trees.

In short, the Mistlands update adds Dvergr-style metal walls, spiral staircases, and furniture. This includes new lanterns, rugs, curtains, a table, a bench and a throne. The most useful items are probably the Wisp torch that clears the surrounding fog, and the Catapult, which can be used to defend your settlement.

Mistlands magic, food and mead

Do you want to be a Viking wizard? The Mistlands update adds food containing ‘Eitr’ which, when consumed, equips your character with a purple magic wand. This temporary effect allows you to use magical wands and deal Elemental- or Blood Magic damage.

The new staple foods available in Mistlands are Jotun Puffs and Magecaps, but only the latter contain Eitr. After collecting them, upgrade the Cauldron with the new ‘Mortar and Pestle’ extension to unlock new recipes. Besides mushrooms, most new recipes call for Rabbit and Chicken drops.

Note that the Mistlands update adds more powerful Meads (potions) to improve your stamina, HP and Eitr bars.

Valheim Mistlands weapons

Here’s an overview of the new Mistlands weapons. While you need a Black January to produce them, they don’t always require Mistlands resources.

  • Skoll and Hati: two-handed knives.
  • Carapace Spear: a regular spear.
  • Chrome: a two-handed sword.
  • Demolisher: A huge two-handed sledgehammer.
  • Mistwalker: a sword made of tufts. It will clear the fog around your character.
  • Jotun Bane: One-handed ax that deals poison damage.
  • Himmin Afl: An atgeir that uses lightning damage.
  • Spine Snap: a bow. New Shell Arrows provide the highest damage.
  • Arbalest: Valheim’s first crossbow. You can craft a variety of bolts in Black Forge, including bolts made from Carapace.
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Valheim magic weapons

As mentioned, some of the new Mistlands foods unlock the ability to wield magic weapons. You can craft the following weapons at the Galdr Table:

  • Wand Protection: used to cast blood magic. Change HP for magic protection.
  • Dead Raiser: Used to cast blood magic. He will train an undead minion to aid you in battle.
  • Staff of Frost: used to use elemental (frost) magic.
  • Staff Ember: used to use elemental (fire) magic.
  • Bile bomb: A bomb made from Bilebags dropped by Gjall.

Mistlands armor

New armor comes with new weapons. The Mistlands update introduces the Carapace Armor Set and the Eitr Armor Set. The latter is not only as powerful as the first, but also increases Eitr regeneration.

The Mistlands update also introduces a new stylish Feather Cloak that disables fall damage by giving the user a Feather Fall status effect. Finally, there are two new shields: Shell Shield (large) and shell Shield (small).

New Valheim character customization

Trendy Vikings will be pleased to know that the Mistlands update expands its character customization options. In particular, there are nine new hairstyles and seven beard styles that add more buns, braids and curly hairstyles. The update also introduces twelve new emotes such as dancing, yawning, and nodding.

Valheim fishing update

The Valheim Mistlands update turns fishing into a character skill. From now on, fishing requires stamina and the right type of bait (different baits for different biomes). The update also adds several new fish species, size differences (which affects the amount of fish meat obtained), and more movement variations such as jumping out of the water.

Are you ready to face the Mistlands? Good luck, brave Vikings!

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