Verizon iPhone 5 Upgrade and Unlimited Data Storage

When the iPhone 5 comes to Verizon, many users will lose their unlimited data to pre-order or purchase the iPhone 5 at a subsidized price (probably $199).

Verizon is not canceling unlimited data plans for grandparent users, but the company is doing its best to remove unlimited data plans when users upgrade.

Users are not required to upgrade to a new Share Everything plan on Verizon when upgrading to the iPhone 5, but users planning to purchase the iPhone 5 at a discounted price will have to give up unlimited data on Verizon.

The iPhone 5 is quite expensive without a contract.

By Verizon Share Everything FAQ, the only way to keep unlimited data is to pay full price for a new phone. This applies even if your contract is to be renewed and a subsidized purchase is possible.

You don’t need to upgrade to the Share Everything Plan, but if you do, you won’t be able to keep your unlimited data package. When you upgrade, you can choose between a voice plan with a standalone data package or the Share Everything Plan. If you want unlimited data, you have the option to pay the full retail price for a new phone.

iPhone 5 Discounted Contract Prices

Buying a contract-free iPhone is expensive, but it’s the only option for users who can’t afford to go without unlimited data.

Users looking to keep unlimited data for the iPhone 5 should expect to pay the prices below, as the iPhone 5 prices on contract are likely to stay the same. These prices have not been confirmed, but we do not expect major changes.

These prices are higher because the carrier doesn’t pay for a portion of the phone like with a subsidized phone.

iPhone 5 Pre-Order – Out of Contract

Typically, Apple does not offer iPhone at non-contract pricing as part of the iPhone pre-order process. Apple normally waits up to a month after the iPhone release date to start selling the contract-free phone.

Users looking to buy the iPhone 5 without a contract to keep unlimited data on Verizon will likely need to line up at the store on the iPhone 5’s release date or pre-order from Verizon instead of Apple.

Verizon let me buy the Galaxy Nexus at full retail price the day it launched in the store, and the carrier will likely let me do the same on the day the iPhone 5 launches.

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Given the $450 premium of purchasing the iPhone 5 without a contract, users need to look at the amount of data they actually use to make sure they save money by keeping unlimited data.

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