Tutorial: How to root your Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505

Welcome to this tutorial, which will explain the important steps. Root your Samsung Galaxy S4 (exactly 4G LTE i9505).

In the program, you will learn everything about “rooting” an Android device, then rooting your smartphone quickly and without problems. At the end of this tutorial, the . Ready? Then let’s go!

Root Samsung Galaxy S4 in few steps!

Introduction to rooting

I immediately announce that those who already know everything about rooting can proceed to the next part of this tutorial. For others, this step will be crucial to understanding what to do with your precious smartphone.

What is rooting?

To understand what it is, you have to start with the basics. . Under this system, your user account has standard rights for your daily tasks.

Another on a well-configured Linux the account named “root”, which has absolutely all rights on the installed systemeven if there is a risk of spoiling it and rendering it unusable.

From there, the fact of “rooting your device” was mentioned to say the same as root account in Linux.

What is the use of rooting your smartphone?

Note that “rooting your phone” means giving full rights to the system. For good reason, Android is not natively rooted to provide better OS security.

However, having these rights is relatively okay as long as you know what you’re doing. To convince you, here are some possibilities offered by root:

  • Lighten your system by deleting apps that are normally impossible to delete (Google apps, your carrier’s apps, some unnecessary system services)
  • Install custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, PAC and others available on our forum.
  • Customize your deviceChanging the start animation, fonts and other graphic details that will make your smartphone unique.
  • Use advanced functions of specific apps Designed to optimize, clean, protect or backup your system

There are many other benefits that will take a long time to mention in this tutorial. The main thing is there. You can customize it, make it more functional, increase its autonomy, etc. If you want, you will understand immediately.

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If you’re finally convinced, we can start the festivities now.

1. Preparation of tools

Recover now even before rooting your smartphone:

  • this Samsung USB drivers must be installed (these are if you have Kies on your computer). If not, you need to get the Samsung USB drivers archive and proceed with installing the executable.

  • Download the software Odin 3.04 will be used for root and can always be useful for flashing a recovery mode like ClockWorkMod for example
  • Get the archive at: CF-Root jflte-jfltexx-gti9505and decompress it to get a file in the format “.tar.md5”
  • a USB cable (preferably the original, let’s avoid fires) and a few minutes to complete this tutorial.

The sequel should go smoothly, so don’t waste your time and get started.

2. Root Galaxy S4 i9505

With all that said, you’re ready to root your Galaxy S4, which I remind you, you can never be too careful.

DISCLAIMER: Neither I nor Moyens I/O will be responsible for the results obtained on your smartphone after these procedures, which always involve minimal risk. You are rooting on purpose.

Start by turning off your smartphone first. Then reboot in mode “download” holding down the keys at the same time Home + Volume Down + Poweryou should reach this menu:

Accept the prompts by pressing the button. Volume up To get to the screen of the above-mentioned mode:

That’s it for now on the phone. On the computer side, run the Odin Samsung software downloaded above to get the following interface:

Check the boxes first auto restart and F.Reset Time is checked, just before clicking the button PDAs and import the CF-Root file. At this point, the box next to the button should also be checked, along with the path to the displayed file:

We are here. Now connect your smartphone (still in download mode) to your computer using the USB cable. If the latter is well known, you should see a blue rectangle appear :

just click the button Start to start the process. Upon successful completion, you will be greeted with a beautiful green rectangle with the word. “GO!” :

Congratulations, you have just rooted your Galaxy S4 i9505!

Normally you should have a new app SuperSU currently installed on your smartphone, which does not allow any application to have full rights:

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You can test it later by downloading:

[appbox googleplay com.rootuninstaller.free]

by throwing, it will automatically request “root” rights to run.agree and you can delete apps like Google Search or your unnecessary apps that normally cannot be deleted (but be careful what you do):


That’s it and it was that simple! One of both . I hope this tutorial will make you enjoy rooting.

I am open to all your questions and problems regarding the manipulations to be made during this training. I would also be happy to receive information from you. If you want to see new tutorials like this on our Moyens I/O site.

If you have any questions or run into problems, feel free to come and talk on our Galaxy S4 Forum topic where this tutorial is taken.

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