Tutorial: How to Disable Facebook’s Internal Web Browser

A few months ago, Facebook made the decision.promote your own web browser within the mobile app. Now links no longer open directly within the app, rather than via a Chrome or other external browser. Of course, once you get used to a browser, you don’t necessarily want to change it. Especially when you know that even YouTube links open in the Facebook browser instead of the dedicated app.

With this new option implemented, users were amazed to see that the links now open directly in the social networking app. The idea wasn’t necessarily bad at first. However, in some cases, such as YouTube links or links that need to be opened in another application, Facebook’s built-in browser is not quite convenient. Clicking a second time at the top right to exit the app remains an option, but it’s not the best.

facebook browser

Fortunately, it is quite possible disable internal browser by digging around in the app settings a bit. It’s something not everyone would think of doing, as the option is enabled by default. That’s why we offer you a little tutorial today.

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1. Launch the Facebook app and click the button on the top right to open the menu

2. Go to “Application Settings”

disable facebook browser

3. Check the box “Always open links with an external browser”

disable facebook browser

With this little trick, you can finally have peace of mind, because now the links you click on in the news feed will open directly in your regular browser or in the application adapted for YouTube or SoundCloud links.

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