Tutorial: How to clean your photo gallery in seconds!

Whether you’re a photography lover or not, your smartphone has become their favorite camera for most users (with the exception of photographers, of course). Because it’s so easy to take a good shot, and we have to admit, in a society where it’s common to post all kinds of shots on social networks, we quickly find ourselves with a fully protected gallery.

And we often come across shots that we didn’t use because they were unintentionally taken or failed. Yes, you have at least one girlfriend or boyfriend who took the same photo fifteen times before they found themselves beautiful (though more often girlfriends). ). Do you see this person?

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As a result, the gallery quickly finds itself flooded with “too expensive” photos, and when it comes to sorting them out, it’s a somewhat impossible task. We don’t dare, there are 3000 photos to rank as “not even worth seeing”.

Well, since we’re good, we found the magic solution to get all of this sorted automatically. And all it takes is a little magic app to make it happen. Here’s how to clear your photo gallery in seconds.

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Gallery Doctor – Phone Cleaner: magic app

We have prepared a very useful and extremely easy to use small application called Gallery Doctor – Phone Cleaner. It is free and therefore allows you to quickly clean up your photo gallery. You can download it here.

cleaning training app gallery

The principle of the application is simple: it it will scan your entire photo gallery and identify duplicates, missed photos, and those labeled as bad photos, i.e. poorly lit photos, blurry and unworkable.

I scanned over 3000 of my own photos. A few photos were scanned by the app for the simple reason that I systematically categorize my shots, but for other users who left everything in bulk, the results are impressive.

cleaning tutorial photo gallery few seconds
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The steps are pretty simple: you launch the app that will scan your gallery. Gallery Doctor will automatically mark the extra photos and it will ask you to confirm if you want to delete them.

You can confirm whether you want to completely trust the app or sort them one by one thanks to a simple gesture system: swiping left permanently deletes the snapshot, swiping right lets you keep it.

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After that, there is nothing else to do. The app gives you the health status and available space of your photo gallery. on your smartphone for your next shots What’s really interesting is that scanning your gallery is extremely fast and after all, the main goal is to save time for a very time consuming task. What do you think about Gallery Doctor? Have you already used it?

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