Nexus 9 Tutorial: How to Root the Latest Google Tablet

Barely available since November 3, the Nexus 9 is therefore officially based on Android 5.0 Lollipop. The success is attributed to the underlying Chainfire, the developer of the SuperSU app, which is well known in the Android scene and allows you to manage root permissions based on apps launched on the device.

Even though the developer has been monitoring Android Lollipop Public Previews for a few months now, they say they need a few more hours for the final build because as you’ll notice, root becomes a little more complex than before Because of the new security embedded in Google’s operating system.


  • try to have more than 50% battery on your Nexus 9 for security
  • Activate developer mode by going to the menu Settings > About device then tap the version number 7 times.
  • Go to Developer Options and Check Enable OEM Unlock.
Nexus 9 root with developer options
  • If you don’t have ADB, Fastboot and Google drivers On your PC then install ADB Installer for 15 seconds you will find here.
  • To be able to root under Android 5.0 you have to unlock your Bootloader if not done yet, be careful, the operation will delete all your data.

How to Unlock Nexus 9 Bootloader

  • Turn off and start your Nexus 9 pressing volume down + power keys Press and hold both buttons until fastboot mode starts.
  • Connect your tablet to your PC
  • Type the following command in the appropriate window

fast boot oem unlock

Nexus 9 root

  • Download on your PC root files by chainfire available here.
  • Type the following commands in the appropriate window

fastboot boot inject.img

fastboot flash boot patched.img

You can then reboot your machine with active root! According to Chainfire, still Lots of incompatibilities with switching to 64 bit but the main thing is now done. Only SuperSU sometimes requires an update via Play Store. You can install them without fear. In case of concern, it may be helpful to use a factory image to reset the Nexus 9.

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