Nexus 7 Setup and Security Guide

Setting up the Nexus 7 is easy, but if you want to make sure your new Jelly Bean tablet is ready to rock, here are 10 setup steps to perform right out of the box.

This Nexus 7 setup guide covers the basics of configuring the Nexus 7 and securing it for the future.

If this is your first Android tablet, consider this a step-by-step guide for the Nexus 7.

If you’re an advanced Android user, be sure to check out the security options and next steps for helpful tips on getting more out of the Nexus 7.

This video will show you how to get started with the Nexus 7.

The Nexus 7 will ask if you want to backup to Google servers. If you need to reset the Nexus 7 or upgrade to a new Nexus 7 unit in the future, this option is highly recommended as it will restore app data, bookmarks, WiFi passwords and other settings to the Nexus 7.

Nexus 7 can automatically back up app data and settings.

If you don’t check this option, game saves and other data stored in the app must be backed up regularly manually with an app from the market. I recommend using Google device backup, even if you are hesitant to store this information on Google’s servers for ease of future restoration.

During setup, the Nexus 7 will ask if you want to enable Location Services. Turn on Google Location Services and Standalone GPS Services to allow the Nexus 7 to serve location-based results for Google Assistant and Google searches.

Nexus 7 Location services

Turn on Nexus 7 location services for local search results.

Just like smartphones, the Nexus 7 has built-in GPS so it can quickly find precise locations. Check the box when prompted and accept the pretty standard terms of use.

If you have an Android phone, you can use most of the apps you bought on the Nexus 7. This is also the perfect time to claim the $25 Play Store credit that comes as a bonus for Google Nexus 7 early orders.

Tap the Play Store icon and accept the Play Store terms and services when prompted. After logging in, you should see a warning that you currently have $25 credit in the Google Play Store. This is good for music, movies, apps and magazines.

Install purchased apps on Nexus 7

Install apps purchased from your phone on Nexus 7.

To restore the apps you purchased on your Android phone, open the Play Store and tap on it.

To see all your apps

This list shows you all the free and paid apps connected to your Gmail account. From here it is possible to download apps to Nexus 7.

Install LookOut to find lost or stolen Nexus 7

It’s easy to misplace devices that roam around the house, and the Nexus 7 is small enough to be a permanent travel companion. Install Lookout mobile to track your Nexus 7 in case it is lost or stolen.

Lookout Mobile is a free service that allows you to locate your Nexus 7 and locate it by emitting a loud siren (even raising the volume). Unlike phones, the Nexus 7 will need to be connected to WiFi so this isn’t a perfect solution, but it’s better than leaving the Nexus 7 untraceable.

Nexus 7 tracking - lost or stolen

Lookout Mobile is a free way to find a lost or stolen Nexus 7 tablet.

Thanks to GPS you can track a precise location, in my tests Lookout found the Nexus 7 and identified my house on Google Maps. Pro features include the ability to remotely lock and/or wipe the device. Lookout mobile scans for viruses and performs device backups in addition to monitoring.

To organise Lookout Mobile from Google Play.

Set up a Device Lock

To prevent others from using the Nexus 7 without your permission, you must lock the tablet. This is especially useful on a small tablet like the Nexus 7 that leaves the house regularly.

Nexus 7 Setup and Security

Install Nexus 7 security.

choose to use. Password unlock is probably the most secure as a long, strong password can be used, but these options are better than leaving the Nexus 7 unlocked.

Contact Information on Lock Screen

If you lock the Nexus 7, it won’t be easy for anyone who finds it to contact you and return it unless you put the information on the lock screen. Follow these steps to put your contact information on the lock screen.

Enter your phone number or email address and if you want a reward amount for safe return of Nexus 7.

Only Install Apps From Official Sources

App stores

Stick to official app stores.

Most app and malware problems on Android are caused by installing apps from strange locations. We recommend sticking with Google Play Store, Amazon Android App Store and GetJar to keep your Nexus 7 running smoothly.

Some apps, especially hacks and tweaks found on forums, may not be available on official app stores. Before installing these apps, make sure other forum users have reported success and there are no signs of malware.

Buy a Nexus 7 Case or Screen Protector

The Nexus 7 has decent build quality and a scratch-resistant display, but it’s still a good idea to invest in a nice case. A good case will prevent damage over time, especially if you plan on removing it all the time.

There aren’t many case options available yet, but we’ve rounded up the Best Nexus 7 Cases available so far.

Nexus 7 Turntable

One of the current Nexus 7 cases.

If you want a cheap case, look for Kindle Fire cases at your local department store to look for a cheap case, but be sure to test for fit before purchasing.

Use Google Voice to Turn Your Nexus 7 into a Phone

The Nexus 7 can’t make calls right out of the box, but with a Google Voice number and the free Talkatone app, you can turn your Nexus 7 tablet into an internet phone.

Talkatone allows you to make and receive calls and text messages to your Google Voice number.

Google Voice Searches on Nexus 7

Make phone calls on the Nexus 7 tablet with Talkatone and Google Voice.

download Talkatone from Google Play.

The official Google Voice app only lets you send text messages, but with Talkatone you can answer incoming calls even if your phone is across the room.

Turn On 2-Factor Authentication

With all the information held in your Gmail and google accounts, it’s a good idea to secure your Gmail account with two-step verification. The video below explains the benefits of this secure system.

You can follow our guide to set up two-step verification on your Gmail account, using your phone as a second key to log into your Gmail account.

After setting up two factor authentication, you may need to sign in to your Gmail account again on the Nexus 7, but from there it will remember your password.

Get Essential Nexus 7 Accessories

The Nexus 7 is picky about what it charges, so we recommend getting a spare Nexus 7 charger. You may also want to get ipad car chargerThis should give the Nexus 7 enough power to charge, but you may need the original USB cable to enable fast charging.

Spiderpodium and nexus 7 stand

Spiderpodium is a great Nexus 7 stand.

We also recommend a stand like the one below. SpiderPodium or a similar universal tablet stand to set up the Nexus 7 while watching movies or using it for video chat.

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