WhatsApp: money transfers between friends are coming to the app

Following Facebook Messenger, which will soon have a similar service, What’s up? seems on the verge of embarking in order money transfer between friends included in the conversations. The beta version of the Android app 2.17.295 has a feature called WhatsApp Payments, as reported by our colleagues at 9to5Google. This appears to be an additional effort to enrich the firm’s ultra-popular app around the world.

WhatsApp will launch money transfer between friends

WhatsApp Payment, as the name suggests, allows you to send money to a friend via direct conversation. For now, only a special screen that says “instant bank-to-bank transfers with UPI” [l’acronyme de Interface de Paiement Unifiée, ndlr]”and an invitation to accept the terms and conditions of the service appears.

The service will have 1.3 billion active users every month that the app has as a major asset. If WhatsApp decides to take a small percentage of the transaction like PayPal does, it could be a real financial gain. For now, we don’t know when Facebook-owned WhatsApp will officially launch this service or the exact content of these famous terms and conditions. But this can happen pretty quickly.

However, WhatsApp may not initially offer the service in all parts of the world. Last April, the firm did indeed express its interest in micropayments for the Indian market. The app claims 200 million unique visitors there – this is its first market. reference Unified Payment Interface it seems to go in that direction on the payment screen as well. UPI may indeed refer to an interface managed by the Reserve Bank of India to facilitate dematerialized payments as part of a policy aimed at reducing the use of cash in the country.

whatsapp payments

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