LG G3 tutorials: best tips and tricks, root, kernels and custom ROMs

After waiting a little over a month, LG G3 finally here! Opportunity to present you a small summary of the best tutorials and tips and tricks Although all kinds of Devices written on the forum have just arrived on the shelves of our operators’ stores, the list is already long.

Powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 801 “AC” processor, Korea’s latest flagship is the first consumer smartphone to offer a defined display. Quad HD 2560 x 1440 pixels, all on a 5.5-inch diagonal screen. There is also a 13 Megapixel photo sensor with laser autofocus and OIS Plus technology, which combines optical and electronic stabilization.

All the best LG G3 tutorials, tips and tricks

Warning: These different transactions involve risk. Moyens I/O cannot be held responsible for any problems encountered. Don’t forget to make a backup before following these different tutorials.

what is root?

Before performing any hacking on your device, even the smallest, first Root your LG G3. As the name suggests, root will allow you to access all the administrative rights of your device which were initially restricted by the manufacturer.

Once your smartphone is rooted, you can do almost anything with it and customize it however you want. For rooting the G3, you can choose from the following options: two different methods :

  • How to Root Your LG G3 in Seconds with TowelRoot
  • How to easily root your LG G3?

What is a core?

Once your device is rooted, you can push the customization a little further. replacing the official kernel by a custom kernel. Concretely speaking, the kernel influences the way the operating system handles the hardware part of your smartphone, allowing you to boost its performance beyond what the manufacturer planned while improving its experience.

what is recovery

Most manipulations allow personalize your smartphone Requires booting into recovery mode. There are official recoveries and custom recoveries like TWRP or Clockworkmod that can be accessed with a combination of a few keys on the device. For now, none are available for LG’s latest flagship, so we will only provide you with a tutorial to access the official recovery of the device.

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How to access the recovery of your LG G3

What is a custom ROM?

Before we explain to you what a Custom ROM is, it is important that you define what a ROM is. And there is no need for long explanations at this level because this term only refers to the software part of your device. In this case, the Android operating system and the LG Optimus UI user layer.

therefore there is Official ROMs (or original ROM) devices offered when they left the factory, and Custom ROMs Made by developers. If the best known of them remains CyanogenMod, there are many more such as Paranoid Android, OmniROM or SphinX G3 Neo V2.0, where you can find installation tutorials on the forum.

  • How to install SphinX G3 Neo V2.0 CUSTOM ROM based on Android Kitkat 4.4.2
  • How to replace carrier ROM with official firmware

Tips and Tricks

As customization is not limited to Root and Custom ROMs, here is a series of tips and tricks “Unclassifiable” for your LG smartphone

  • How to personalize your smartphone with [MOD] [XPOSED] G3 Setting Box
  • How to restore your G3 with stock firmware?
  • How to Take a Screenshot on LG G3
  • How to disable the “Smart Newsletter” function
  • All LG G3 ringtones, notifications and alarms
  • How to disassemble your LG G3