iPhone: How to Convert a Webpage to a PDF File

With an increasing number of regular iOS mobile OS updates, such as the latest iOS 16 update, Apple can surprise iPad or iPhone users by hiding tricks that can be very useful in daily life, whether in the office or at home. In this article we will show you how converting a web page to a PDF document If you don’t have a printer.

  1. To do this, install or open the iPad or iPhone’s Chrome app and enter the URL of the desired webpage. Then press the “Share” icon and select “Print” (see below).web page to PDF document
  2. A dialog pops up and of course there is no printer connected to the iPad or iPhone. However, in the screenshot below there is a blue icon surrounded by red next to “Print options”.iOS print blue icon
  3. This is when another dialog opens and invites you to save that document, now in PDF format. It is recommended to press “Save to Files” for this.save pdf ios
  4. You can save to iCloud or “My iPad”. We chose “On My iPad” to demonstrate this trick. You are free to point the file to the folder you want. Finally you can save the PDF to your tablet and use it as you see fit.iPad PDF document storage

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