IFTTT: What it is, recipes, examples, all about the app that automates the home

since 2011, IFTTT (“ If This Then This “, or in French “if so, do this”) allows millions of users to make their daily lives easier. Its principle is very simple: every action triggers a reaction. For example: if you receive a message on Facebook, your connected lamps should flash or change color.

IFTTT also lets you automatically post all your Instagram photos directly to Twitter or schedule the lighting of your lamps or connected thermostat based on your location. Some connected weather stations and even some Smart TVs are also compatible with the app. The possibilities are endless!

IFTTT: how does it work?

Each of these charts or recipes consists of a trigger and a response. You are free to create any recipe you can think of and link any services or connected objects presented in the list. Designing a recipe is very simple.

  • First download thisIFTTT Android app on Google Play Store

Google Play store

  • Open the IFTTT app
  • Sign up with Your Google or Facebook account
  • click My Apps (My recipes, bottom right). This is where all recipes linked to your account are listed.
  • Press + top right
  • To choose This to select a trigger
  • We recommend starting with something simple by choosing Date & Time. So the trigger for your recipe would be a time or date, such as “every day at 3 PM”, “every month at 1pm at 1pm”.
  • click Create Triggeror “create trigger”
  • then press HE IS to describe a response.
  • Now select an app that should take action when the trigger is triggered. We chose Twitter as an example.
  • Select and configure the action you want to trigger.
  • press on Create Actionor “create an action”
  • press finish

IFTTT: the best recipes

Many recipes are already offered by brands or users in the app. When you create a recipe, the rest of the community can really benefit from it. Once you get started, you’ll definitely have some trouble finding your way around the many offers. Therefore, we have compiled a small list of the best recipes that will definitely be installed. To activate a recipe, simply click on the link that interests you and tick the “Open” option.

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The best recipes for your Android smartphone

Many recipes allow you to automate the actions of your smartphone. For example, you can program your phone to mute when you sleep or come to a very specific place, or disable wifi automatically as soon as you leave your home!

Mute your Android smartphone when it’s time to sleep

Mute your Android smartphone when you get to work

Use your latest Instagram photo as wallpaper

Fully set your ringtone remotely

The best recipes for your smart home

IFTTT allows you to connect the objects of your connected home to each other, as well as to your social networks or online streaming services. For example, it’s easy to program your Philips Hue lamps to turn on or activate a set of actions with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Trigger your iRobot robot vacuum with Google Assistant

“Lumos Maxima”: light your lamps with magic via Google Home

Turn on your Hue Philips when you get home

Turn the lights red if your Netatmo weather station detects CO2

The best recipes for social networks

It is also possible to connect all your social networks with IFTTT. An action on Twitter triggers a post on Facebook and vice versa. Similarly, a tweet or Instagram post can automate the activation of a linked object.

Keep your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures in sync

Post your Instagram photos to Twitter

Get a reminder for every Facebook birthday by email

Flash your lights when you’re tagged in a Facebook photo

The best IFTTT recipes to get organized

IFTTT isn’t just for having fun with connected objects. The app can also help keep the most distracted among us organized using just Google calendar or your smartphone’s notifications.

Record your working hours in Google Calendar with geolocation

Add Bitcoin price to your Google Calendar every day

Save attachments received by email to Google Drive

Get a reminder of an Office 365 calendar event in Skype