How to Watch NASCAR on Your iPad

The 2015 NASCAR season got off to an exciting start for racing fans, with Joey Logano winning the Daytona 500. NASCAR does a great job of giving fans an enjoyable option to watch the action on an iPad, thanks to the NASCAR Mobile app. and the NASCAR RaceView app. We’ll share strategies for keeping up with NASCAR on an Apple iPad this season using these apps or other options.

None of these options allow the user to watch the action live for free. We’ll take a look at the three best options for enjoying NASCAR races: the NASCAR Mobile app, the NASCAR RaceView app, and our standby mode to watch live sporting events, a Slingbox.


Follow your favorite driver via the built-in camera.

The best option comes in the form of the NASCAR Mobile app. It is free to download and users can follow all races throughout the Sprint Cup Series season using the app. Users will receive things like news about their favorite driver, the season standings, a leaderboard during the race, important videos, and social media feeds related to sports and racing schedules.

nascar mobile leader board

The app adds live video feeds during Sprint Cup races for a $24.95 subscription fee for the 2015 season. Compared to other sports, this one is cheap.

Even if a fan can watch the race on TV, the in-car video of their favorite driver makes the app a great second-screen experience. Those who can’t sit in front of the TV and want to enjoy the race can use the app and subscription to watch every Sprint Cup race of the season. The app also supports AirPlay so the user can send the video or audio feed to an Apple TV.

nascar mobile broadcast

Send the audio or video feed to any AirPlay Receiver such as Apple TV.

For some reason NASCAR doesn’t include the Truck series or the XFINITY series video. At this price, it’s not all that surprising, but it will disappoint hardcore NASCAR fans.

highlights of nascar mobile racing

One appearance tells the fan all the highlights of the race.

People who own an iPad or iPhone running on Sprint’s network will get some special features like free in-race video summaries. They also don’t have to pay $24.95 for NASCAR premium features like onboard cameras, broadcast video feeds, driver audio or other features.

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nascar mobile audio and car filter

1. Filter driver audio using drop down menu or show which drivers car numbers on track 2.

NASCAR Mobile doesn’t just offer video. Some people can’t sit in front of the TV or watch on the iPad, but can listen. The app offers several sound options. Listen to the live audio of a driver during the race. Listen to all their talk about strategy, what drivers say when they get mad at someone for driving them off the road, or when they hear their spotter’s call. It adds a lot to the race for the die-hard NASCAR fan, especially during tense moments and pit stops.

The app does not offer video for the XFINITY series, but we do get audio. There is also the option to listen to two NASCAR radio broadcasts from the MRN or PRN networks and the radio broadcast of NASCAR officials. Imagine if the NFL put a microphone on the referees and turned it on during their speeches before giving the penalty decision. NASCAR lets fans hear these conversations. Listen when a driver is about to be penalized for speeding in the pit or for kicking the pit crow over the wall too soon.

nascar mobile app

Part of the app shows the car numbers moving around the track, with options to show only the top ten drivers, only one driver, or all cars in the race. It’s not as fun as watching videos, but it takes up less bandwidth. This saves data for folks who don’t want to eat all their limits when there’s no Wi-Fi, and gives them something to see while listening to the audio.

If someone doesn’t want to pay the full $24.99 for the season, but wants to try the premium features for a few races, get a monthly subscription that only costs $3.99. This renews automatically so the user has to cancel if they don’t want to pay for a second month. To cancel, open the iTunes app on an iPad. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap on it. Then choose. below, tap . Find the entry in the subscriptions list and tap it. subscription on that screen.

NASCAR Racing Skin

nascar racing look

NASCAR RaceView is $15/year or $1/month more expensive than NASCAR Mobile and only shows a 3D virtualization of the race.

The more expensive option is NASCAR RaceView. this The app is free to download For iPad, but annual subscription costs $39.99 or $4.99 per month.

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The NASCAR fan will get more and less at the same time. Besides tracking NASCAR races, there is something called Time Trial that allows the user to play a game where the next race on the schedule faces off against the pole winner for last year’s run. It’s fun to play.

nascar racing view time trial

NASCAR RaceView Time Trial lets users race against the winner of last year’s race.

Other free features this year include:

Sprint subscribers can enjoy premium features for free. These include a 3D virtual race view, radio broadcasts from MRN and PRN, as well as driver audio.

While the app offers features that the NASCAR Mobile app doesn’t, it omits one important feature. The app doesn’t actually show videos. Instead, we take a 3D virtual view of the track with multiple camera angles during the race. It follows a car of the user’s choice.

Only Sprint customers should consider using the NASCAR RaceView app over the aforementioned NASCAR Mobile app, as they get premium features for free. It’s more expensive than the NASCAR Mobile app we showed you above, and you can’t even watch live video of the race.

NBC Sports Live Extra

This year, NASCAR is switching from ESPN to NBC in the second half of the season. It is not certain that users will be able to watch the races live. NBC Sports Live Extra appso check back in the summer to see.

Slingbox and SlingPlayer

sling box m1 front and right side

The last option comes from Slingbox, our standby mode for live sporting events. A Slingbox connects to a TV and home Internet connection and broadcasts whatever the person’s home television service is showing on their TV. For example, it is connected to my DirecTV set-top box, TV and home network. The video passes from the Slingbox to my TV and also transmits the video signal over the Internet. SlingPlayer iPad app ($14.99). Users can use a wired network connection or Wi-Fi, but it works better on a wired network connection.

The cost of the SlingPlayer iPad app is $15.

The cost of the SlingPlayer iPad app is $15.

Download the SlingPlayer app on an iPad and sign in to an account. When the user sets up his Slingbox, he can watch and control the home satellite or cable TV box. If you can watch NASCAR on your TV, you can watch it in the Slingbox and SlingPlayer app.

The user will have to pay for the app, box and TV service subscription. Boxes range from under $100 for the older 350 model to $300 for the one with the most features. This makes it the most expensive option, even if you subtract the cost of the TV service, because you’ll be paying for it anyway.