How to Use ifttt Recipes on Android to Be More Efficient

There is an incredibly useful service called iftttIt stands for “If This Then Where” and helps make users more productive. The creators released an iPhone app last year and finally an Android version with some great Android-specific Recipes.

When ifttt uses the term Recipe, it doesn’t mean a list of steps to bake white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. Instead, a Recipe takes a Trigger and then performs an Action that occurs. For example, when we publish a new article on Moyens I/O, readers add link To their account on Instapaper, which people use to collect Internet news links and read them later on an iPad or computer.

Users can create Recipes in the new Android app, old iPhone app, or via the website. We’ll focus on the Android app, but the process works pretty much the same on iPhone or online.

A Recipe receives input from various channels. For example, a channel may contain a user’s Twitter feed. Connect ifttt with Twitter. Then the user can take input from Twitter and generate a result in another channel. For example, use ifttt To share Tweets on Facebook accounts.

Android ifttt app comes with 6 channels exclusive to Android.

The new Android app includes six new channels as follows:

how to configure ifttt

ifttt recipes

First, install free ifttt app and sign up for an account. Then log in to the app and browse for the exclusive Android Recipes the app lists when it’s first launched. The user can also view other recipes by tapping the Recipes icon in the upper right corner of the app’s home screen. It looks like an apothecary’s pestle and pestle (marble mixing bowl breaking tool).

An icon resembling a pair of glasses allows the user to find recipes. It features Special Recipe Collections, Featured Recipes selected by the creators of the app, Trending Recipes showing currently popular Recipes, and All Recipes tabs.

To use Recipes, the user must connect ifttt to other services used in Recipes such as Facebook, Twitter, DropBox and more. To do this using the Android app, tap the Recipe icon in the upper right corner. The user’s Recipe list slides out from the right side of the screen. Tap the Android menu button represented by three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose from the menu channels. A grid of icons appears with connected unconnected channels appear in gray, while channels are colored.

Best ifttt Recipes for Android

android recipes

Here are my 10 favorite ifttt Recipes for use with Android phones. Since Apple has locked down iOS, Android makes it possible to do some things iPhone ifttt users can’t.

How to Edit ifttt Recipes for Android in the App

Open the ifttt app and then click on the Recipe icon in the upper right corner (see screenshot above). The user’s Recipes slide out from the right. Tap the Android-specific Recipe that needs to be edited. Tap the Edit button (see second image below). To remove them, delete the actions in the box and tap the plus icon to add new ones.

ifttt recipes list

This does not allow users to change the trigger or action to a different Channel. It only allows users to set the trigger or action that is part of the Recipe.

ifttt recipe edit page

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