How to Use Google Assistant to Check Train Running Status

India is an important market for Google, and the company is doing its best to direct local services to India-specific needs. In its latest bid to make Google Assistant even more local, it acquired the “Where is my train” app to understand the dynamics of Indian Railways. After getting the app, it didn’t take long for Google to bring support for train running status to the Google Assistant. Users can now simply use voice commands to know the status of their train, which is surprising. Let’s find out how you can use Google Assistant to check train running status in India.

Check Train Location using Google Assistant

1. Just launch Google Assistant and Say, “Where’s my train, let’s talk”. The assistant will bring “where is my train” services to the conversation.

2. After that, just Just say the train number you want to track and it will inform you where the train is. You can also select your train station from the list of stations and Assistant will tell you when the train will arrive at that station.

Check Train Location using Google Assistant 2

As you can see, Google Assistant allows you to easily check train running status in India. This Google Assistant skill not only helps you get to the station on time, but also ensures that you don’t waste time waiting for your train at the station.

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Catch Your Next Train on Time with the Google Assistant

There are countless voice assistants, but none come close to Google Assistant, especially when it comes to providing local information. That’s why I use Google Assistant even on my iPhone. Let us know what you think of this new train tracker feature of Google Assistant by writing in the comments section below. Also, if you want more tutorials like this one, keep visiting our website to learn about fun and unique ways to make your device useful.

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