How to Use Apple Pay on the Web

Here’s a guide on how to use Apple Pay on the Web with iOS 10.

Apple Pay is a very welcomed addition to iOS. Purse system and now allows users to add Debit cards to Wallet and use on the go. Added support for using Apple Pay anywhere with iOS 10. network as a form Payment.

Although autofill credit cards have been an available payment option for a while, you will still be asked to fill in CVV information and whats when shopping online in Safari.

With iOS 10, Apple added the ability to use your Apple Pay cards on supported websites!

How to Use Apple Pay on the Web

Here are the steps you need to take to get Apple Pay working for web use.

Watch the video above to learn how to use your Apple Pay cards for online orders.

Set up Apple Pay

most important step is to make sure you are using Apple Pay right now. opening up Purse The app lets you see if you’ve already made an addition. debt card to him. This step is usually required during the setup of any new phone, so you may have already included it.

The card should appear as a usable debit card if attached, but add one if not currently visible. after your bank to approve your card is ready to use for Apple Pay purchases.

double click your locked iPhone screen will reveal your Wallet and allow you to shop using your phone. Tap ID for authentication.

Using Apple Pay on the Web

Now that you have an eligible payment method for Apple Pay, Purchasing supported items online retailers. Of course, the Apple Online Store immediately supports this feature, allowing you to purchase all the products you would normally buy with the help of your registered Apple Pay card.


Once you reach the payment option on your supported website, you will see: Apple Pay aspect choice. Just like using Apple Pay in person, the device will ask for Touch ID authentication. complete buy.

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Apple Pay is a transaction method that Apple is definitely trying to push for users for both. ease and security. Ability to authenticate with finger print It is a much safer method than accessing a pin or account information. Using this tool online will streamline the online shopping experience for iPhone users and will likely continue to blossom as a payment experience suitable for all online retailers.

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